The Cost of College in Western New York

10:54 PM, Aug 17, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY --- The cost of college continues to rise and it's become a struggle for many students looking for ways to pay for it.

 "You hear horror stories of people who are still paying student debts until their 30's and 40's and I really don't want to have that hanging over my head for a long time," Student Tom Straubinger said.

 On average, students coming out of college have about $27,000 of student loan debt.

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 "Student loan debt is the largest it's ever been numerically and the percentage just keeps getting bigger and bigger," Michael Curatolo said. "With the lack of income among the 20-year old population it's becoming a bigger burden now than ever before."

 2 on your side looked into how much it costs to get a higher education around Western New York.

 The University of Buffalo and Buffalo State's tuition are the lowest in the area at $5,870 for a full course load. Canisius is the most expensive college on the list. Tuition cost $32,000 before adding on the fee and room and board.

 Financial Advisor Michael Curatolo advises students to consider their return on investment when choosing a college.

 "It's nice to have an older person give you a dose of reality and say look -- your career that you want to go into might not justify this return on investment you want to make," Curatolo said.

 Once you're in school make sure to have a pay off plan in place.

 "My plan is I'm working through school right now so I have a job and I've been trying to put away money every month so I can pay it off before I graduate," student Emily Gallivan said.

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