Buffalo Teachers Union Says City Teachers Are Underpaid

12:09 AM, Aug 21, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The Buffalo Teachers Federation is calling attention to the salary it's members are making compared to their peers in other local districts.

The union says new data shows, on average, that teachers in the Queen City make $20,000 less than teachers elsewhere who have the same amount of experience.  In some cases, they are making $45,000 less.

The BTF says it's just not fair.

"Our colleagues in the suburb deserve every penny they get. we're not saying they should be paid less., but we are saying its not fair. Buffalo teachers work just as hard as teachers in the suburbs and in some cases under more difficult conditions.  It's only fair that they be compensated with what their colleagues receive," said BTF President Phil Rumore.

The teachers federation says it met with the state board of education on Saturday and is waiting for their response to the report.

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