Cheektowaga Teachers Silently Protest at School Board Meeting

11:56 PM, Sep 3, 2013   |    comments
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CHEEKTOWAGA, NY --- Silent protesters filed in to the Cheektowaga School Board Meeting to sit before elected leaders and get across an important statement with signs. The signs read 'we support our teachers, we want them back.'

"It is our opinion that we could have done more with the situation that's currently at hand with the district," Kuemmel said.

This all comes after three teachers in the Cheektowaga School District were put on administrative leave after having police accuse them of interfering with a murder investigation. Dontre Jones was accused of murdering Ira Watkins in May of 2011.

Police say an inappropriate phone conversation happened between Jones and the teachers while Jones was being held at Erie County Holding Center awaiting trial. Currently, the incident is under investigation with the school district.

Cheektowaga's Police Chief said the conversation directly interfered with his department's investigation, but also says the teachers' conduct is not criminal and they can't be charged.

2 on your side asked Cheektowaga Central School District Superintendent Dennis Kane where they investigation stands. "I'm not allowed to comment on that at all."

President of the Cheektowaga Central Teachers Association Jeff Kuemmel said protesters want the board to know they have "vested interest" in issues regarding the future decision making process of the school board.

"We would just like to see the due process and when people are accused the due process prevails," Kuemmel said. "There's a process in place and we'd like to see that followed through."

That goes for all incidents moving forward.

"Decisions are made in a split second and because we're all human mistakes can be made," a parent at the meeting who did not want to be identified said. " My hope is some level of understanding will be given to all teachers and they will be given guidance not punishment."

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