Tonight's Primary Results Will Give Early Signal About Next Democratic Chairman

6:57 PM, Sep 10, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Tonight's Primary Results Will Give Early Signal About Next

Jeremy Zellner (Left) Frank Max (Right)

Buffalo, N.Y. - Although his name isn't on the primary ballot, the outcome of Tuesday's Democratic primaries could go a long way in determining whether Jeremy Zellner wins another term as Erie County's Democratic chairman next year.

Last year, Zellner defeated Cheektowaga Town Chairman Frank Max for a two year term and Max has made no secret of the fact that he's going to run against Zellner again next year.

Other than the race for mayor, the big Democratic primary on Tuesday is for Sheriff.

Zellner is supporting Bert Dunn, while Max is supporting Richard Dobson.

In addition, there are four Democratic primaries for seats on the county legislature where Zellner is on one side and Max and his supporters are on the other.

Channel 2 Political Analyst Mike Haselswerdt: "It's for control of the Democratic party, Frank Max of Cheektowaga is not happy with the way the last party election came down and he would like to be the next chairman, while Zellner clearly wants to keep that position that he has now."

Scott Brown: "Depending on what happens tonight, do we get a preview of next year's battle for the chairmanship?"

Political Analyst Mike Haselswerdt: "Well, I think we know there's going to be a battle regardless, I think it (tonight's results) will tell us something about the likelihood of a successful challenge to Zellner."

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