Buffalo Catholic Diocese to Close More Elementary Schools

7:26 PM, Sep 24, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. --  This year could be the last year for some Catholic elementary schools in WNY.

The Catholic Diocese of Buffalo is planning to close more elementary schools for the next school year.

The Superintendent of Catholic Schools says in order to have better programs in Catholic elementary schools, you need more students in a building. Notre dame Academy was hailed as a prime example of a school that worked with consoidation. It now has about 500-students and is doing well. It could be the model as the planning moves forward.

There are currently 45 Catholic elementary schools in WNY, but diocesan officials won't release the number of schools that are closing.  Sister Carol Cimino, Superintendent of Schools of the Diocese of Buffalo says they prefer to say "closing some buildings."

There could be as many as 20-school closings. Principals were briefed on the plan last week.

Cimino hopes that they will come up with draft plans for what buildings will stay and what buildings will close. Parental input is wanted, "they are out clientele," said Sis. Cimino. Officials say they will try to group the children by geographical locations.

Sis. Cimino understands how parents and students may feel about a school closing, but she wants this to be considered a positive change. "We want people to look back in a year and say, it was hard, difficult, it hurt, but look at where we are now."



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