Kaleida Receives 3 Proposals for Vacant Hospital Site

12:02 AM, Sep 25, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY -- Plans are moving forward once again to find a new use for a former hospital building that has been sitting vacant for over a year.

"At this point we've chosen to not to disclose who the developers are but we can say all three are local developers," Michael Hughes with Kaleida Health said.

Three developers have submitted proposals to develop the former Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Project.

"We have to go through them and make sure it's something that can work in this community, in this neighborhood, Hughes said. "Make sure it's something that's financial feasible that the developer can get done."

However, 2 on your side confirmed that one of the developers is Uniland Development Company.

"It's the same proposal," Uniland Spokesperson Jill Pawlik said. "We received positive feedback about it last year so there was really no need to change anything at this time."

Uniland was the runner up for the project about a year ago. Chason Affinity was selected to develop the site, but was never able to recruit a veterinary school as previously planned.

"It's a combination of residential and commercial and a park built in as well," Pawlik said.

Uniland's idea is still a mix used plan that includes apartments, townhomes and boutique hotel.

The plan also includes retail and office space.

"The idea for us is to have a transaction done by the end of the year," Hughes said. "We'll be meeting with the three development groups in the next couple of weeks -- so hopefully in the next 30-60 days we'll have some type of announcement about who they are what they're proposing."

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