Hundreds of Residents Complain of Strange Buzzing Sound

11:48 PM, Oct 15, 2013   |    comments
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SOUTH BUFFALO, NY - We've gotten hundreds of complaints from viewers, who are upset about a strange buzzing sound in their neighborhoods. The noise starts around 5 p.m. and goes until the early morning hours.

"When I'm trying to actually sit down and relax and watch something on TV and all I hear is [the sound] then I get a little annoyed," said Christy Fafara of West Seneca.

Residents in the area, tell us there's a strange, annoying and loud buzzing sound that just won't go away. Folks in areas in South Buffalo and Kaistertown are also hearing it.

The noise is similar to a plane engine or a power line that's malfunctioning. Residents say the buzzing starts in the early evening and goes until the early morning hours, not allowing many to sleep.

The noise has been impacting people near these intersections: Indian Church Road and Seneca Street, South Ogden Street and Clinton Street and Tifft Street and South Park Avenue.

The residents also being impacted live in a general area south of the 190 and west of the 90. According to the Thruway Authority, the buzzing sound is coming from a short stretch of the 90 between the 190 and the 400.

Construction crews are repairing concrete slabs there. And for the past couple weeks, during the nighttime, crews have been smoothing out the slabs, making the humming or buzzing sound.

"It just seems like it's taking forever, you know it's been going on for quite a long time," said Farfara.

Dozens of people through Facebook and email tell us they want can't wait for the construction to stop.

Andrea says: "The buzzing sound is the most obnoxious thing I've heard."

Sean says: "Yeah it's irritating and keeps me up longer than I would like."

Jessica says: "We have to turn fans on and close our windows to try and muffle out the sound."

The type of work being done there is what's called: diamond grinding, to smooth out the surface. The Thruway Authority thinks the project they are working on should be done by next Wednesday.

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