Celebrating the Bricks of Ardmore Place

12:40 AM, Oct 20, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - On Saturday in one Buffalo neighborhood there was a street celebration ... and it really did all focus on their street, and the unveiling of the bricks underneath.

Those bricks sparked a sense of togetherness and renewal for this now very distinctive one-way street on the West Side. This summer, a city paving crew arrived with the intent of repaving the street. But when they stripped away the old asphalt the original paving bricks were exposed.

The neighbors liked what they saw, and started a campaign to keep the historic pavement intact.

Once the city gave the nod to keep those bricks intact, without any obstacles like utilities under the street, community spirit brought out those neighbors who worked together to chip away, and sweep, and clean those bricks...peeling away decades of  ugly asphalt.

Said one resident, "You kind of feel a little bit like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz, where you know you have a dream and you click your heel three times and it comes true. And you're like, wow, it actually happened. We were still in disbelief. We're just so grateful."


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