Political Experts Say Buffalo Mayor Race Already Decided

6:53 PM, Nov 5, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. The polls may not close until nine, but many political experts believe the Buffalo Mayoral race was already decided in September when Mayor Byron Brown beat Democratic challenger Bernie Tolbert in the primary.

Also helping Mayor Brown is the fact that there are far more registered Democrats in Buffalo than Republicans, and Republican challenger Sergio Rodriguez has not been able to raise nearly as much money as Mayor Brown.

In our 2 On Your Side, Buffalo News, Siena College poll earlier this year, 65% of people said the city is on the right track. Only 27% believed it's on the wrong track. Also, Brown's approval rating was 66%.

Rodriguez however remains extremely confident he can win tonight.

"I know it seems crazy, it seems like is this guy delusional, what is he thinking? Does he really think he's gonna win? But consider this. There's no way that the mayor would be spending all this money on TV ad, radio ads, literature that I've never seen as big and colorful literature in my life and I've been doing this for ten years in political campaigns, and so, if he felt so confident, why spend all this money on advertisement," said Rodriguez

"We don't want to take any voter for granted. We don't want to take the process for granted. We aggressively wanted to reach out to the voters to ask the voters for their support and their vote and at the same time, we wanted to promote all of the progress that's taking place in the City of Buffalo. People are encouraged, people are feeling good about what's happening in Buffalo and we're working hard every day to get the message out that Buffalo is a new place, that Buffalo is changing, that Buffalo is a city of hope and progress," said Mayor Brown.

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