Class B East Preview

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1) Alden
2) Depew
3) Albion
4) Medina
5) Barker/Roy-Hart
6) East
7) Newfane

Top Players:
Corey Barczykowski, Alden
Derrick Sekuterski, Depew
Steve Stauss, Albion
Lonnie Taylor, Medina
Connor Sears, Newfane
Jevante Glover, East
Brad Bobbitt, Barker/Roy-hart


Alden Bulldogs

Head Coach: Dick Diminuco (231-70-0, 33 years)
Assistant Coaches: Rob Currin, Tom Zaccardo, Joe Gawron
2011 Varsity Record: 10-1-0
Starters Returning: Offense 7 Defense 6
Key Players: Brian Stoldt, Corey Barczykowski, Dominic Brotz, Jason Bunk, Scott Rosier, Jaronetay Thompson, Matt Shields, Adam Richards
Key Losses: Ryan Sosnowski, Justin Patterson, Josh Chase
2011 JV Record: 6-3-0

Bulldogs have won 2 consecutive Sectional Titles. Coach Dick Diminuco returns 13 starters from last year's 10-1-0 squad and will look to three-peat. Brian Stoldt, Corey, Barzcykowski, and Jaronetay Thompson will spark the offense, while Scott Rosier and Domenic Brotz will anchor the defense. Jason Bunk is one of the top lineman in WNY and the 6'3'' 275lb. SR will anchor the line. Talent from 6-3 JV squad will help the Bulldogs as well. Matchup in week 5 against Depew should decide the regular season title.

Depew Wildcats

Head Coach: Brian Wilson (1st year)
Assistant Coaches: Harry Sugg, Mark Dirienzo, John Kling
2011 Varsity Record: 8-2-0
Starters Returning: Offense 5 Defense 4
Key Players: Rodney Turner, Bob Buono, Derrick Sekuterski, Mike Lamb, Brian Rybak, Brandon Atlas, Nathaniel Hyman, Chris Kwitzer, Anthony Buono, Sam Roger, Cody Penner, Nick McAuley
Key Losses: Aaron Ertel, Andrew Burgio, Joe Miller, Jaden Cotten
2011 JV Record: 8-1-0

Wildcats return 9 starters from last year's 8-2-0 squad, which lost to Alden in the Class B Final. Soph. RB Rodney Turner, Anthony Buono, and Derrick Sekuterski will key the offense, while Brian Rybak, Chris Kwitzer, and Brandon Atlas lead the way on defense. The Line will be anchored by All-WNY candidates Mike Lamb and Robert Buono. Depew JV has gone 15-3 in the past 2 seasons and should bring talent to help push the Wildcats over the top. Expect Depew to compete for league and sectional titles in Brian Wilson's first year as Head Coach.

Albion Purple Eagles

Head Coach: Tony Osburn (15-12-0, 3 years)
Assistant Coaches: Keith Piccirilli, Gary Parisi, Mark Vanderkarr
2011 Varsity Record: 6-3-0
Starters Returning: Offense 5 Defense 6
Key Players: Steven Strauss, Trevor Hadick, Jon Trembly, Tyler Hughson
Key Losses: Levi Boyer, Pete Nesbitt
2011 JV Record: 6-2-0

Purple Eagles surprised last year, posting a 6-3-0 record and earning a playoff berth. Coach Tony Osburn does an excellent job at getting the most out of his players, and has two All-WNY candidates in underclassmen Steven Stauss and Jon Trembly, who anchor both lines. Look for Albion to compete for a consecutive playoff berth in Class B East.

Medina Mustangs

Head Coach: Eric Valley (14-22-0, 4 years)
Assistant Coaches: Gordy Luthart, Jody Sargent, Neal Hermann, Nick Benedetti
2011 Varsity Record: 3-6-0
Starters Returning: Offense 7 Defense 9
Key Players: Zach Newton, Lonnie Taylor, Ben Austin, Jake Costriss, Adam Eick, Dan Brown, Kyle Barna, Dan Barnes, Derek Fuller
Key Losses: Tristan Hammer, Stephen Rogenmoser
2011 JV Record: 2-6-0

Mustangs return 16 starters from last year's 3-6-0 squad and will look to that experience in improving their team. Coach Eric Valley has an All-WNY candidate in Lonnie Taylor, who along with Derek Fuller, Jake Cotriss, and Dan Barnes, will provide the offensive spark for the Mustangs. Defense will be lead by Zach Newton, Ben Austin, and Kyle Barna. The line will be anchored by Adam Eick and company. Expect Medina to be in the thick of things come seasons end and looking to contend for a playoff berth.

Barker/Roy-Hart Raiders

Head Coach: Bill Bruning (19-36-0, 6 years)
Assistant Coaches: James Jurewicz, Nate Sutch, Jason Nellist
2011 Varsity Record: 7-2-0
Starters Returning: Offense 7 Defense 8
Key Players: Nick Bachman, Clayton Smith, Tucker Ruhlen, Brad Bobbitt, Jacob Haight, Travis Kelkonburg, Lukas Haussen
Key Losses: Josh Haight, Austin Blackley

Raiders return 15 starters from last year's 7-2-0 squad and will look for continued improvement. Coach Bill Bruning brings his team over from Section V, and will look to make some noise in Section VI. The line will be anchored by All-WNY candidates Nick Bachman and Clayton Smith. Offense is set to be sparked by Jacob Haight, Brad Bobbitt, who averaged 8.2 YPC last season, and Tucker Ruhlen. Expect the Raiders to be very competitive, even though they are not eligible for playoffs due to combining with Roy-Hart, they are considered an "A" school by enrollment.

East Panthers

Head Coach: Starling Bryant (23-32-0, 7 years)
Assistant Coaches: Joe Kelly,  Brad Keltz & Sandra Nesbitt 
2011 Varsity Record: 2-7-0
Starters Returning: Offense 6 Defense 6
Key Players: Jevante Glover, DeJuan Quarles, Myron Harden, Shaune Buchanan, Julian Hodge
Key Losses: Maurice Kidd, Mark Threet
2011 JV Record: 0-6-0

Panthers look to rebound from 2 win season in 2011. Coach Starling Bryant returns 6 on both sides of the ball, led by All-WNY candidates Jevante Glover and DeJuan Quarles. The two, along with Julian Hodge, will key the offense and defense. Line will be anchored by Shaune Buchanan and Myron Harden. Look for East to be in contention for a playoff berth. Matchup against Albion in week 2 will prove to be a very pivotal game.

Newfane Panthers

Head Coach: Chuck Nagel (1st year)
Assistant Coaches: John Clark
2011 Varsity Record: 3-6-0
Starters Returning: Offense 5 Defense 5
Key Players: Connor Sears, Colin Huntington, Todd Capen, Kenyon Rizzo, Matt Finch, Josh Kneeland, Jake O'Keefe, Chris Hannah
Key Losses: Sean Seefeldt, Max Russell
2011 JV Record: 3-5-0

Panthers return 5 on both sides of the ball as Chuck Nagel takes over as Head Coach. Newfane will look to rebound after consecutive losing seasons. Connor Sears and Todd Capen will anchor the line, while Josh Kneeland, Sears, and Jake O'Keefe will provide the offensive spark. The Panthers open at East, and could struggle this year as the league is stocked with talent across the board.

Preseason All-League:
QB Brian Stoldt, Alden
FB Jaronetay Thompson, Alden
RB Corey Barzcykoski, Alden
RB Rodney Turner, Depew
RB Jake Cotriss, Medina
TE Ben Austin, Medina
WR Lonnie Taylor, Medina
WR Derrick Sekuterski, Depew
OL Steven Stauss, Albion
OL Jason Bunk, Alden
OL Adam Eick, Medina
OL Mike Lamb, Depew
OL Todd Capen, Newfane
K Trevor Hadik, Albion
RS Julian Hodge, East

DL Robert Buono, Depew
DL Shaune Buchanan, East
DL Jon Trembley, Albion
DL Nick Bachman, Barker/ Roy- Hart
LB Domenic Brotz, Alden
LB Connor Sears, Newfane
LB DeJuan Quarles, East
LB Zach Newton, Medina
LB Scott Rosier, Alden
DB Brian Rybak, Depew
DB JeVante Glover, East
DB Dan Brown, Medina
DB Jacob Haight, Barker/ Roy-Hart
DB Brad Bobbitt, Barker/ Roy-Hart
RS Rohlen Tucker, Barker/ Roy-Hart
P Adam Richards, Alden

Best backfield: Alden
Best offense: Alden
Best defense: Alden/Depew
Sleeper: Medina

News & Notes:

  • Top underclassmen: Brian Stoldt, Alden, Steven Stauss, Albion, Derrick Sekuterski, Depew 
  • Alden Varsity achieved a 35-6-0 record in the past 4 years. Bulldogs JV have a 29-6 mark in the same time. 
  • Purple Eagles dynamic Duo: Steven Stauss & Jon Trembley
  • Depew Varsity recorded a 23-6 mark and JV 23-4 in the past 3 seasons 
  • Lyndonville and Medina districts will be sharing services this year. Lyndonville students will be allowed to play football in Medina. Projected number for 2012 is 6 for varsity and 18 for JV. 
  • Chuck Nagel is the new Head Coach at Newfane, replacing Alex Haney 
  • Barker/Roy-Hart played in Section V last season, posting a 7-2-0 record. This season they have moved to Section VI, but will not be eligible for the playoffs due to being classified as an "A" school, although playing is Class B
  • Alden and Depew have been two of the top football programs in recent years. The Bulldogs recorded a 20-2 mark in the past two seasons, including 2 Sectional Titles. The Wildcats have recorded a 17-3 mark in the past 2 years. 
  • Eiffel Tower: 6' 7" 325 lb. Mike Lamb, Depew & 6'5" 315 lb. Steven Stauss, Albion 
  • Bill Bruning of Barker/Roy-Hart has a 19-36 record in 6 years as Head Coach. 
  • Coach with most wins: Dick Diminuco (231) 
  • Top Academic Achievers: Brian Rybak, Depew & Brad Bobbitt, Barker/Roy-Hart & Connor Sears, Newfane
  • Strongest: Jason Bunk, Alden 
  • Fastest: Rodney Turner, Depew & Jevante Glover, East 
  • Biggest: Steven Stauss, Albion & Mike Lamb, Depew 
  • Best Nickname: Lonnie "Showtime" Taylor, Medina 
  • Best Cheerleaders: Alden 
  • Top Complex: Depew 
  • Best Rusher: Corey Barzcykowski, Alden 
  • Top WR: Lonnie Taylor, Medina 
  • Top Defensive Player: Domenic Brotz, Alden 
  • Top Linemen: Jason Bunk, Alden & Steven Stauss, Albion 
  • Major Impact Players: Corey Barzcykoski, Alden & Derrick Sekuterski, Depew 
  • Team with most Sectional Titles: Albion 
  • Best Dressed: DeJuan Quarles, East 
  • Best Dancer: Jevante Glover, East 
  • Game changer: Brian Stoldt, Alden 
  • Must See Game: Depew @ Alden (week 5) 
  • Most Loquacious: Harry Sugg, Depew 
  • Unsung Player: Robert Buono, Depew 
  • Player you'll get to know: Brad Bobbitt, Barker/Roy-Hart 
  • Most Versatile: Corey Barzcykoski, Alden 
  • Biggest Question: Who will take over at QB for Depew with Aaron Ertel graduating in 2011? 
  • Top Rivalry: Albion vs. Medina 
  • Most Returning starters: Medina 
  • Preseason Offensive Player of Year: Corey Barczykowski, Alden 
  • Preseason Defensive Player of Year: Jason Bunk, Alden
  • Forecast : Title should be decided on Sep. 28 when Alden hosts Depew

Last Time in Sectional Championship:

Alden: 2011
Albion: 2002
Barker/Roy-Hart: 1985
Depew: 2011
East: Never
Medina: 1988
Newfane: Never

Last Time Won Sectional Championship:

Alden: 2011
Albion: 1987
Barker/Roy-Hart: Never
Depew: 2007
East: Never
Medina: 1988
Newfane: Never




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