Class D Preview

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1) Maple Grove
2) Silver Creek
3) Randolph
4) Frewsburg
5) Portville
6) Chautauqua Lake
7) Cattaraugus/ Little Valley
8) I Prep

Top Players:
John Scroxton, Maple Grove
Zed Williams, Silver Creek
Cody Oldro, Randolph
Devone Adelgren, Frewsburg
Zach Pilger, Portville
Chandler Baker, Chautauqua Lake
Matt Booth, Cattaraugus/ Little Valley
Xavier Maye, I Prep

Maple Grove Red Dragons

Head Coach: Curt Fischer (163-38-0, 20 years)
Assistant Coaches: Dave Emley, Marcus Clark, Justin Hanft
2011 Varsity record: 10-1-0
Starters returning: Offense 5 Defense 7
Key Players: Oliver Simpson, Jeff Tampe, Jake Swan, Lee Wascher, Matt Fowler, Jon Scroxton, Erik Olson
Key Losses: John Nickerson, Alex Grace, Skylar Liddell, Aaron Germain
2011 JV Record: 5-3-0

Red Dragons and Coach Curt Fischer will vie for another near perfect season in 2012, after having won the Sectional Title in 2011. Returning 8 starters of last year's 10-1-0 squad, Maple Grove will need great effort from standout players Oliver Simpson, Jeff Tampe, Jake Swan, Matt Fowler, Jon Scroxton, Lee Wascher and company to repeat the success of 2011. Most of the line returns and will be a strength along with Simpson running the ball. The Red Dragons also some talent from last years JV squad that posted a 6-2-0 record. Have a excellent matchup at Silver Creek in Week 1, and home against Randolph in Week 3. Look for Maple Grove to be in contention for both League and Sectional Titles. Will miss the leadership of Alex Grace and John Nickerson.

Silver Creek Black Knights

Head Coach: Sean Helmer (40-19-0, 7 years)
Assistant Coaches: Wayne Greim, Greg Greenough
2011 Varsity Record: 4-4-0
Starters returning: Offense 5 Defense 7
Key Players: Zed Williams, Tyler Bain, Sherman Williams, Tyson Brown, Steve Quinn, Zach Klisiewicz
Key losses: Kevin Rocque, John Jimerson

Black Knights return 12 starters from its 2011 season, and will look to build on last year's 4-4-0 record. Coach Sean Helmer and company should improve in that category, as they are expected to have both a top offensive and defensive unit. RB Zed Williams is a preseason All-WNY candidate for the Black Knights and should help what could be the league's best backfield pound the football. Expect Silver Creek to be in the mix of it all for a league title. Soph. Sherman Williams should be a force to reckon with on both sides of the ball.

Randolph Cardinals

Head Coach: Pat Slater (203-97-4, 32 years)
Assistant coaches: Brent Brown, Gerald Carlson, Nate Armella
2011 Varsity record: 5-3-0
Starters returning: Offense 2 Defense 4
Key players: Cody Oldro, Mike Bowers, Micah Kehoe
Key Losses: Brent Robbins, Brady Morrison, John Morgante
2011 JV record: 6-2-0

Cardinals will look to improve Coach Pat Slater's outstanding win total in his 33 season. Randolph returns only 6 starters, but will be spearheaded by the rushing attack of Cody Oldro and blocking of Mike Bowers. The Cardinals are also expected to have one of the top defenses in the league, receiving additional help from last year's 6-2-0 JV squad. Look for Randolph to be in competition for the league title.

Frewsburg Bears

Head Coach: Terry Gray (49-40-0, 10 years)
Assistant Coaches: Brendan Carter, Tom Nelson, Randy Sitler, Adam Loftus
2011 Varsity record: 7-3-0
Starters returning: Offense 5 Defense 6
Key players: Jacob Caldwell, Nick Fardink, Devone Aderlgren, Cody Haller, Robbie Stearns, Tage Johnson, Pat Caldwell, Jacob Caldwell
Key losses: Thad Johnson, Dalton Peterson, Nick Mitchell
2011 JV record: 4-4-0

Bears will look to improve last season's impressive 7-3-0 record, and will have to rely on 11 returning starters to do so. Devone Adelgren will be a force on offense and Robbie Stearns is an All-WNY candidate at punter. Adelgren rushed for over 900 yards and 12 TD's while average 14 YPC. Look for the Bears to be in the thick of things in competing for a league title.

Portville Panthers

Head Coach: Gary Swetland (115-65-1, 20 years)
Assistant coaches: Matt Milne, Dave Waugh, Mike Matz, Chad Hollamby, Chad Bartozek 
2011 Varsity record: 3-6-0
Starters returning: Offense 5; Defense 4
Key Players: Gunnar Vancuren, Zach Wood, Tyler Veno
Key Losses: Colt Lowe, Chris Hellwig
2011 JV Record: 4-4-0

Panthers will try to improve last year's 3-6-0 record and do have the benefit of returning 9 starters from last year's squad. Coach Gary Swetland will lean on Gunnar Vancuren, Zach Wood and company to anchor Portville in Coach Swetland's 21st season. Look for the Panthers to turn some heads and be a dark horse in the race for a league title.

Chautauqua Lake Thunderbirds

Head Coach: Dan Greco (19-7-0, 3 years)
Assistant Coach: Ed Hultin
2011 Varsity Record: 9-0-0
Starters returning: Offense 6 Defense 5
Key Players: Chandler Baker, Anthony Pezzulo, Andrew Pezzulo, Cody Thomas, Jeremiah Russin, Ryan Miller, AJ Hulton
Key Losses: Jason McMahon, Chris Sampson
2011 JV record: 6-2-0

Thunderbirds won their first Sectional Title last year, but move up to a much more competitive league in 2012. Anthony and Andrew Pezzulo will anchor the line, while Ryan Miller and Jeremiah Russin spark the offense. Defense is to be lead by Chandler Baker and AJ Hulton. Open with I Prep and Portville. Expect Chautauqua Lake to compete for a playoff berth again.

Cattaraugus/ Little Valley Timberwolves

Head Coach: Tim Miller (71-79-0, 16 years)
Assistant coaches: Bryan Gunsolus, Ken Wright, Ken Minnekine
2011 varsity record: 4-5-0
Starters returning: Offense 4 Defense 5
Key players: Matt Booth, Sam Agnew, Brandon Sawyer
Key Losses: Josh Forester, Jim Agnew

Timberwolves and Coach Miller bring back 9 starters from last season's 4-5-0 squad. Cattaraugus will look to add more W's in the win column and be competitive within league play. The Timberwolves will need Matt Booth, Sam Agnew, and Brandon Sawyer to play well if they want to compete for the league title.

I-Prep Presidents

Head Coach: Tony Alessi (36-33-0, 8 years)
Assistant Coaches: Rich Pysczek, James Hill, Ron Reddick
2011 Varsity record: 0-8-0
Starters returning: Offense 6 Defense 6
Key Players: Xavier Maye, William Burgess, Wilquan Burgess, Robert Johnson, Justus Radford
Key Losses: Ikeem Lyons, Maurice Cheatom

I-Prep looks to avenge their disappointing 2011 season (0-8-0) and get back into the win column. Led by RB William Burgess on offense, and Xavier Maye and company on defense, Presidents will try to build on the lessons learned of last season. With 12 starters returning and a hungry squad led by Coach Tony Alessi, look for I Prep to improve in 2012. One important fact is that I-Prep will not field a JV squad this season which does not bode well for the Presidents in the future. 

Preseason All-League:
QB Aaron Germain, Maple Grove
RB Cody Oldro, Randolph
RB William Burgess, I Prep
RB Zed Williams, Silver Creek
RB Devone Aderlgren, Frewsburg
RB Oliver Simpson, Maple Grove
TE Matt Fowler, Maple Grove
WR Jeremiah Russin, Chautauqua Lake
WR Zach Klislewicz, Silver Creek
OL Anthony Pezzulo, Chautauqua Lake
OL Andrew Pezzulo, Chautauqua Lake
OL Justin Radford, I Prep
OL Lee Wascher, Maple Grove
OL Mike Bowers, Randolph
OL Steve Quinn, Silver Creek
K Robbie Stearns, Frewsburg

DL Robert Johnson, I Prep
DL Jon Scroxton, Maple Grove
DL Tyson Brown, Silver Creek
DL Lee Wascher, Maple Grove
DL Xavier Maye, I Prep
LB Chandler Baker, Chautauqua Lake
LB Sherman Williams, Silver Creek
LB Wilquan Burgess, I Prep
LB Cody Haller, Frewsburg
DB Cody Thomas, Chautauqua Lake
DB Tyler Bain, Silver Creek
DB Jeff Tampe, Maple Grove
DB Devone Adelgren, Frewsburg
RS Dalton Bulles, Maple Grove
P Erik Olson, Maple Grove

Best backfield: Silver Creek
Best offense: Silver Creek
Best line: Maple Grove
Best defense: Silver Creek & Maple Grove
Sleeper: Frewsburg

News & Notes:

  • Randolph Cardinals have recorded a 3 year Varsity record of 26-5-0, and a JV record of 20-4-0 
  • Silver Creek's Sherman and Zeddie Williams are outstanding lacrosse players 
  • I-Prep will not field a JV team in 2012 
  • Best Dressed: Jeff Tampe, Maple Grove 
  • Strongest: Jon Scroxton, Maple Grove 
  • Fastest: Oliver Simpson, Maple Grove 
  • Biggest: Michael Bowers, Randolph 
  • Player you'll get to know: Cody Oldro, Randolph 
  • Don't be surprised if Maple Grove returns to the Championship game at Ralph Wilson Stadium
  • Don't be surprised if Silver Creek's Zed Williams rushes for 1,500 yds. And 20 TD's 
  • Most Loquacious: Curt Fischer, Maple Grove 
  • Top Complex: Cattaraugus/ Little Valley 
  • Most players who bench 300 lbs.: Maple Grove (Jon Scroxton, Lee Wascher, Jake Swan) 
  • Forecast: Maple Grove has excellent line and running backs to give Red Dragons the edge for title. 
  • Coach with most wins: Pat Slater, Randolph 
  • Best Nickname: Robbie "Rocket" Stearns, Frewsburg 
  • Best Cheerleaders: Chautauqua Lake 
  • Best Rusher: Zed Williams, Silver Creek & Devone Adelgren, Frewsburg 
  • Top Lineman: Anthony & Andrew Pezzulo, Chautauqua Lake 
  • Most Impact player: Oliver Simpson, Maple Grove 
  • Team with most Sectional Titles: Maple Grove 
  • Best Dancer: William Burgess, I Prep 
  • Game changer: Devone Adelgren, Frewsburg 
  • Must See Game: Maple Grove @ Silver Creek (Aug. 31) 
  • Unsung Player: AJ Hulton, Chautauqua Lake 
  • Biggest Question: How will Chautauqua Lake do in Class D?
  • Preseason Offensive Player of Year: Zed Williams, Silver Creek
  • Preseason Defensive Player of Year: Chandler Baker, Chautauqua Lake & Sherman Williams, Silver Creek
  • Cattaraugus/LV, Frewsburg and Portville never returned questionairres
  • Forecast: League should be very competitive 

Last year in Sectional Championship:
Cattaraugus/ Little Valley: 2006
Chautauqua Lake: 2011
Frewsburg: 2011
I Prep: Never
Maple Grove: 2011
Portville: 2007
Randolph: 2010
Silver Creek: 2010

Last year to win Sectional Championship:
Cattaraugus/ Little Valley: 2006
Chautauqua Lake: 2011
Frewsburg: 1993
I Prep: Never
Maple Grove: 2011
Portville: 2003
Randolph: 2009
Silver Creek: 2010



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