1,000 Yards Rushing Facts

9:51 PM, Aug 15, 2012   |    comments
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625 WNY Players have rushed for 1000 yards in a season.
Jamestown and Sweet Home have the most 1000 yard rushers with sixteen.

The most 1000 yard rushers were 30 in 2010.

Buffalo East and Sherman are the only schools that don't have a 1000 yard rusher.

From 1950-1989 there were 155 1000 yard rushers. The decade of the nineties exceeded the past 4 decades with 184.

Vince Ferrugia of Cardinal Mindszenty was the first Msgr. Martin players to rush for 1000 yards. He rushed for 1132 yards in 8 games in 1958.

Players from WNY schools have rushed for 1000 yards.
The first Section VI player to rush for 1000 yards was James Ryan of Allegany in 1953.

Mark Lyles of Grover Cleveland in 1975 became the first Hardvard Cup player to rush for 1000 yards.

Ray Braxton of Lackawanna became the first WNY player to rush for 1000 yards.

Eleven WNY players have rushed for 1000 yards in 3 consecutive seasons. Todd Choate, Alden (1990-92); Ray Braxton, Lackawanna (1985-87); Tim Russell, Falconer (1992-94); Dave Schmidli, Wilson (1994-96); Major Cole, Tuner/Carroll/O'Hara (1995-97); Wade Turner, Lackawanna (1996-98); Paul Paddock, cattaraugus/Springville (1996-98); Brandon Munson, Albion (1998-2000); James Henley, South Park (2000-02); Sammy Smith, Hutch Tech (2003-2005): Reggie Garner, Cardinal O'Hara (2005-07), Okoya Anderson, Orchard Park (2009-11)

James Henley, South Park, is the only WNY player to rush for 1000 yards in four consecutive years (2000-03).

Dustin Bowser, Southwestern, rushed for the most yards in two consecutive seasons (2002-03), 3,855.

Ryan Smith, Tonawanda; Jehuu Caulcrick, Clymer; Keinen Williams, Eden and Sammy Smith, Hutch Tech rushed for 1000 yards in 3 seasons (not consecutive).

Most carries for 1000 yard rushers: Jeff Tundo, Orchard Park 328 (2007); 321 (2008)

Dave Conklin, Hinsdale had the highest average per carry for 1000 yard rushers with a remarkable 13.4 yards.

Twenty six 1000 yard rushers averaged over 10 yards per carry.

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