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At one time most if not all coaches, athletic departments, and football programs never scheduled college football games on Fridays since that night was for high school football.
However, Syracuse in 2012 will reverse this policy since the Orange will host Friday night games October 5th vs. Pittsburgh and October 19th vs. the University of Connecticut.
Why the reversal of the unwritten rule? Money! The Orange desires to increase their financial streak, via revenue from ESPN and other television partners.  
It will be interesting to see what the impact of this change will be on attendance for high school football in Central New York.
One thing for certain is that there will be a decline in high school football viewers since the Orange football games generate thousands of fans.
This change is sad but not unexpected since all major colleges chase the money at the expense of common sense, rational thinking, and a negative impact on high school football.
One area of the country that gets it right is the South where Thursdays is JV football, Friday is varsity football, Saturday is college football, and Sunday is professional football. 
In many areas of the country, there are several Division I football programs in each state. In New York, we have only Syracuse and Army.
This decision to play football on Friday nights at the expense of the student-athletes in high school will create a problem for Syracuse. Coaches may steer some recruits to other colleges since the Orange basically disrespected the tradition and history of high school football on Friday nights in New York State. 

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