Referee Profile: Robert J. Schreck

3:19 PM, Sep 8, 2012   |    comments
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Wife - Pamela; Sons - Robert and Michael

High School:
St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute

Attorney - Cellino and Barnes

Years Being a Referee:

Favorite NFL Team:
Buffalo Bills

Favorite NFL Coach:
Bill Belichick

Favorite Meal:
Chicken and Rice

Pet Peeves:
People who sit on the sideline and complain!

Riding Harley Davidsons; collecting antique clocks

Favorite Singer:
Bruce Springsteen

Favorite Song:
The Star-Spangled Banner

Favorite Actor:
Clint Eastwood

Favorite Actress:

Favorite Movie:
Dirty Dozen

Why do referees dress like zebras?
So spectators can identify the guys to yell at!

Why did you choose to be a referee?
After playing and coaching High School Football, it allowed to me keep "smelling the grass" in the fall; it allowed me to "stay in the game"

Who is the best referee?
The one nobody watches!

What was the best game you refereed?
Always the last game!

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