Game Preview of Week 4: Maple Grove vs. Chautauqua Lake

8:43 PM, Sep 18, 2012   |    comments
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Maple Grove (3-0) @ Chautauqua Lake (3-0)
Friday, September 21st @ & 7:00pm
Maple Grove: Chautauqua Lake
Coach: Curt Fischer Coach: Dan Greco
166-38-0, 21 yrs.  22-7-0, 4 yrs. 
Key Players: Key Players:
Oliver Simpson (RB) Ryan Miller (RB)
Jeff Tampe (L) Chandler Baker (LB)
Jake Swan (L) Ben Aults (L)
Lee Wascher (L) Nick Zentz (RB)
Jon Scroxton (L) Tyler Furlow
Matt Fowler  Andrew Pezzulo (L)
Erik Olson Anthony Pezzulo (L)
Aaron Germaine (QB) Dustin Graziano
Dalton Bolles (LB) Kyle Mayer
AJ Hulton (WR)
Keys to Victory:
Red Dragons need to win the turnover battle.
Red Dragons need to have balanced offense. 
Red Dragons need to contain Chandler Baker, who is a tackling machine. 
Thunderbirds need to prevent Red Dragons from making big plays by Germaine. 
Thunderbirds need to avoid penalties.
Thunderbirds need for Ryan Miller and Nick zentz to have a good game. 
Thunderbirds need to score first. 
Points Scored:
80 88
Points Allowed:
34 24
QB - Red Dragons
WR - Red Dragons
K - Thunderbirds
The Thunderbirds will make this game close. Line play has been excellent in the first three games. Going against the Red Dragons line, which is their strength, particularly getting Jon Scroxyon back. If Simpson doesn't play, Germaine will need to carry the Red Dragons with his arms and legs. The Coaches know each other as Don Greco was the Red Dragons' Offensive Coach when Maple Grove won the State Titles and Sectional Championships. This game should be "Smash Mouth Football" at its best. The game could be a tossup. 
Maple Grove - 20, Chautauqua Lake - 13
The Red Dragons opponents this season are 2-7, while the Thunderbirds are 2-7. 

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