Commentary by Dick Gallagher

2:15 PM, Sep 24, 2012   |    comments
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"Sense of Urgency"

When does your sense of urgency kick in when competing in an athletic event?

In many instances, it is in the game's latter stages, particularly if your team is losing.

When watching games, I can see and feel the difference among the players and coaches.

There is more intensity, communication, cheering, yelling, energy and focus. A football game is 48 minutes in high school.

Why is a sense of urgency not there when the game begins?

Are you too complacent, overconfident, cocky, not respecting your opponent? Perhaps you lost some games early beacuse the team is not ready, not focused on every play and not giving 100% on every play. You, as players, need to understand your rules and responsibilities, and are to be the best player you can be in every play.

If you don't have the attitude and comittment to the team and coaches, why then are you playing the game? Why not just sit at home and play with your X-Box?

A high school football game covers 48 minutes with 39 of the 48 not being actual playing time. Since there is only 9 minutes of action.

Play your best throughout the contest, starting with the first second until the official blows the whistle signifying the end of the game.

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