Coach's Profile: Dan Greco, Chautauqua Lake

4:14 PM, Sep 24, 2012   |    comments
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Why did you enter the coaching profession?
1.) A love for the game and 2.) had a knack for teaching, even at the age of 18. 
What is your philosophy in coaching?
Commit to your team and teammates, prepare the best you can, plau fearlessly to win the game, and handle what the game and life hands you like a man. 
What brings you the most satisfaction in coaching?
Seeing players learn skills needed to be a team player, then take what is learned from the game into life. 
What was your greatest win in coaching High School Football?
Coaches don't win games, players do. In 2010, the Chaut. Lake kids went to Portville in the schools first-ever playoff game and won the game with conviction. It was a big thrill for everyone. 
What were your most memorable moments in coaching High School Football?
The culmination of two State Championship seasons in 1998 and 2000.
Who are the most talented players that you coached?
Too many to list -- however, Chris Secky was probably the most gifted athlete. 
What game do you remember the most?
A Section VI, semi-final overtime win at Mapke Grove vs. Randolph that led me my first State Championship in 1998.
What is your biggest thrill coaching?
Teaching kids what it takes to be a part of a team.
How important are your assistant coaches?
Very, very important. No one can coach a football team alone. 
What do you expect from a player?
Commitment, honest, loyalty, dependability and unselfishness. 
What were the best teams you have coached?
In 1996, 1998 and 2000 Maple Grove teams. 
What was your most proud or memorable moment in playing football?
Scoring 3 touchdowns in helping our team win a city All-Star game; a long time ago. 
Who was your mentor?
My mentor was my midget league coach, who also gave me my first coaching job at the age of 18 - his name was Joe Albano. 

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