Referee Profile: Skip Brechtel

4:24 PM, Sep 24, 2012   |    comments
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Wife - Sheila, Daughter - Heather (teacher), Son - Christopher (attorney)
High School:
Kensington High School
Teacher (Retired)
Years Being a Referee:
30 years - High School; 23 years - College; Misc. other conferences
Favorite NFL Player:
Tom Brady
Favorite NFL Team:
Buffalo Bills
Favorite NFL Coach:
Jeff Fisher
Favorite Meal: 
Any form of seafood - crab, clams, shrimp, etc.
Pet Peeves: 
Lack of preparation and inattentiveness
Golf and reading
Favorite Singer:
Rod Stewart
Favorite Song:
"You're in my heart"
Favorite Actor:
Sean Connery
Favorite Actress:
Glenn Close
Favorite Movie:
"The Godfather"
Favorite TV Show:
Why do referees dress like zebras?
Because no one else looks like that, so it is used to separate them from the rest of the world. Although officiating outfits are beginning to get a little more sensible. 
Why did you choose to be a referee?
Initially it was to earn extra money but that concept did not last but a couple of weeks, and then it was for the love of the sport but mainly for the camaraderie between officials. 
Who is the best referee?
I am not sure if are looking specifically for a referee but if it is for a football official, it is for George Santoro. He can officiate any level from Little Loop to Division I Bowl games to the professional leagues with the same competence, enthusiasm and dedication. 
What was the best game you refereed?
For want of sounding trite, I really do not have a favorite or best game. Every game at every level is the next most important game, so I guess that hopefully my best game will be my next game. 

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