Dick Gallagher's Pick for Upcoming Game of the Week: Depew vs. Alden

9:28 PM, Sep 30, 2012   |    comments
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Depew (4-0) at Alden (4-0)
Friday, September 28th @ & 7:00pm
Alden: Depew:
Coach: Dick Diminuco Coach: Brian Wilson
235-70-0, 33 yrs.  4-0-0, 1 yr. 
Key Players: Key Players:
Brian Stoldt (QB) Anthony Buono (QB)
Jason Bunk (L) Rod Turner (RB)
Corey Barczykowski (RB) Derrick Sekuterski (WR)
Jake McNamara (DB) Brian Rybak (DB)
Ryan Richards (RB/DB) Robert Buono (L)
Scott Rosler (LB) Mike Lamb (L)
Erik Feitshans (L) Brandon Atlas (LB)
Josh Weisbeck (L) Dylan Grant (L)
Alex Darrow  Sam Roger (OL)
Keys to Victory:
Wildcats need to control the clock and line of scrimmage.
The Wildcats' Rod Turner needs to have a big game. 
Wildcats need to prevent Barczykowski from making big plays. 
The Bulldogs need to avoid penalties and turnovers. 
Bulldogs need to have big games from Barczykowski and Stoldt. 
Bulldogs need to stop Wildcats' rushers, who have rushed for an average of 334 yards per game and scored 20 touchdowns. Rod Tuner has rushed for 519 yards, 10 TDs and avg 9.1 yds per carry. 
Points Scored:
143 191
Points Allowed:
39 39
Local: #1 Local: #2
WGRZ: #1 WGRZ: #2
State: #2 (Class B) State: #4 (Class A)
QB - Alden
WR - Depew
Depew has lost several tough contests to Alden and this year, the Wildcats are dominating opponents outscoring them 191-39.  Turner is one of the top rushers in WNY and is only a sophomore. The Wildcats will have size advantage on line, led by Mike (Eiffel Tower) Lamb, who 6'7, 325-lbs. Anthony Buono is doing a fine job at QB, and brother Robert is a key player on both sides of the ball. Sekuterski is one of the most versatile players in WNY. The team has good chemistry and solid leadership. Brian Wilson is doing an excellent job as Head Coach. 
Alden has won Sectional Titles the past two years and was a runner-up in 2009. Dick Diminuco has done an outstanding job as Head Coach of the Bulldogs, posting a 32-5 record. Brian Stoldt, the Junior QB is an outstanding player and leader. Corey Barczykowski is one of the top players in WNY and can take it to the house at any time. The line is solid, led by Jason Bunk and Erik Feitshans. Bulldogs have dominated opponents; their last regular season loss was in 2009. 
The winner of this game will win the Class B East regular season and will be in a good position to play for Sectional Championship at Ralph Wilson Stadium. 
This game is a tossup; edge with Alden playing at home. 

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