It's In The Rules: Kickoff Mechanics and Coverage

10:07 PM, Sep 30, 2012   |    comments
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Kickoff Mechanics and Coverage:
Significant changes were implemented by the NFHS Game Officials Manuel Committee regarding kickoff mechanics and coverage. As a result of the addition of the new NFHS football rule 9-3-8, the committee is emphasizing the new mechanics and coverage on the kickoff.
The rationale for the changes has to do with the addition of NFHS football rule 9-3-8 and the number of deep kicks that are occurring throughout the country. The Umpire and Line Judge have reversed their positions. This will allow for the line Judge to be on the line during runbacks and allow him/her to make the calls on the line he/she would typically make during the other plays of the game. In addition, the positioning of the Line Judge has been moved back to the 10-yard lines to help with kicks in the deep corner. The Referee has been positioned closer to the sideline to take care of deep kicks to his/her deep corner. The Linesman has been moved up to the receiver's free-kick line to have a better look at the legality of blocks if an on-sides kick occurs. As in other situations, the crew should consider other factors such as wind conditions, skill of the kicker, etc., in adjusting their positions on the kickoff.

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