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10:19 PM, Sep 30, 2012   |    comments
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If your son has played and excelled as a sophomore or junior, don't wait until their senior season is over to make college football coaches aware of his talent. 
If you wait, it will be more difficult for him to receive a scholarship. Many major colleges know whom they are recruiting prior to the beginning of the football season. Thus, the number one cardinal rule in recruiting is don't wait until your senior year is over.
Some high school coaches are tremendous advocating for their players. They send films, respond to questionaires from colleges, return phone calls, etc. Others, however, will do very little for their players, and some even treat it as a nuisance or imposition on their time.
To protect your interest, take the initiative to work with your coach to develop a plan for marketing your son and/or hire a recruiting service. Information should include:
1. Name
2. Address
3. Phone number (home and school)
4. School
5. Head coach
6. Positions played
7. Height and weight
8. 40 time
9. Vertical jump
10. Academic average
11. Include transcript
12. SAT score
13. Football honors
14. Football stats
Note: A 5 minute highlight film should also be sent.

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