It's In the Rules: Enforcing that Legal Equipment is Worn Properly

8:04 PM, Oct 5, 2012   |    comments
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Head Coaches and game officials should always keep in the mind that risk minimization comes first. Required equipment is mandated for the well-being of the players. Coaches and game officials must remember that high school players are apt to mimic what they see collegiate or professional players do on television. Note that what is allowed at those levels by either rile or application of rules cam be totally different than what is legal or should be allowed in high school. Permitting players to wear knee pads that do not cover the knee is one such area of concern. Requiring the play card to be worn on the wrist as intended by the manufacturer is another. Enforing the NFHS football equipment rules is just as important as enforcing a clip or chop block as both of these rules deal directly with player saftey. Ideally, the head coach should shoulder a great deal of this responsibility because the coach is required to verify that all of the team's players are legally equipped. Game officials have the responsibility to penalize the head coach when players are not legally equipped and to prohibit the players from participating until they become legally equipped. It is suggested that game officials address these equipment concerns during the pre-game activities through a diligent review of all players. Coaches and game officials must work together to require compliance with NFHS football equipment rules.

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