Player Profile, Ben Holmes

3:53 PM, Oct 6, 2012   |    comments
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Ben Holmes, Orchard Park
Born: October 15th, 1994
Class of 2013
Family: Mom - Susan, Dad - Jon, Sister - Emily
Favorite Movie:
Favorite TV Show:
Sons of Anarchy
Best Friend:
Kasey Korzaniewski
Football Background:
Played little loop at age 7-15, school ball from 14 until present
Goal in Life:
To be successful with that I am doing.
All WNY 2nd team offense/Unsung player of the year
Biggest Sports Thrill:
Winning State
Best Attribute:
My speed
How many years have you played football?
10 years.
What will be your workout and conditioning program during the off season?
I will be working out with the Buffalo Bills strength coach.
What camps do you plan to attend?
Syracuse, U Maine, Hobart, Rutgers, University of New Hampshire, Pitt, Penn State, Washington, Washington State, U Albany, Delaware, James Madison University, Wagner, Rhode Island, Marshall University, Central Florida.
What are your goals for this season?
Well to obviously win state but let's go one game at a time. 
Which teammate has the best voice?
Okoya Anderson
Which teammate is the funniest?
Jett Modkins
What has been your best moment playing sports?
Playing in the Dome for states.
Who is your favorite professional football player?
Jordy Nelson
What is your favorite food?
Mrs. K's Pierogies
What are your expectations this season?
To win as many games as possible and making my teammates better each day.
What is your nickname?
What drives you?
My will to win
What is the strangest/funniest moment you witnessed playing football?
Seeing how mad coach Fonz gets when I didn't catch a punt.

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