Questions for High School Athletes Being Recruited

8:50 PM, Oct 20, 2012   |    comments
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The following are a series of questions to be considered by High School Athletes when selecting a college. These were written by former Athletic Administrator at Purdue University Bob King.

  1. Is it fully accredited, highly rated institution?
  2. Does it offer my preferred major?
  3. Will my high school grades be good enough to admit me?
  4. What does my guidance counselor think about the colleges with respect to my academic ability and the major I plan to pursue?
  5. How many hours a day will athletics and the other responsibilities involved in maintaing my scholarship take me away from my studies?
  6. Will the athletic department pay for any tutoring I may require?
  7. Are they offering a four-year scholarship, or can they terminate it any time they chose?
  8. What happens to the scholarship if I am injured and unable to play?
  9. How much will it cost me to go to school on top of the scholarship?
  10. Must I work for my room and board? What are the hours of this job?
  11. Can I afford to travel home during vacation periods, and can my parents afford to travel to college to see me play as often as they wish?
  12. Would I like to play for the head coach who is recruiting me? Will he be the head coach next year?
  13. What do the present and former athletes have to say about the athletic department and the institution in general?
  14. Does my high school coach feel that I can play at this level?
  15. Am I as big, fast, and strong as the player now occupying the position I desire to play?
  16. Do my particular skills fit their style of play?
  17. A college athlete is usually a person who participated in a highly competitive high school league, has unusual physical abilities, and a burning desire to excel. Do I have at least two of these attributes?
  18. Is the present varsity team composed of young me who played freshmen ball, or is it composed of Junior College transfers and red-shirts?
  19. Is this team well-publicized in the part of the country where I plan to make my living?
  20. Does the college environment (students, dorms, townspeople, social activities) appear to be on in which I'd care to spend four years?
  21. How many players were red-shirted last season? How many play my position?

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