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Quarterfinals MVP's:
Class AA: 
Nick King, Frontier
Zach Panebianco, Jamestown
Ben Holmes, Orchard Park
James Chambers, Orchard Park
Class A:
Kahlil Humphrey, Sweet Home
Chris Connors, Grand Island
Sam Cohen, Williamsville South
Andy Smigiera, West Seneca East
Class B:
Corey Barczykowski, Alden
Brian Ryback, Depew
Chris Phinney, Springville
Tim Whelan, Cheektowaga
Class C: 
Brandon Thomas, Cleveland Hill
Nick Anderson, JFK
Tim Walch, Wilson
Nick Nocek, Fredonia
Class D: 
Jordan Dowiasz, Randolph
Oliver Simpson, Maple Grove
Zack Wood, Portville
Zeddie Williams, Silver Creek
Players to Watch in the Section VI Semi-Finals:
Frontier: Ben Kock, Nick King
Jamestown: Jake Sisson, Mike Watson
Orchard Park: Ben Holmes, Connor Eday
Lockport: James Chambers, Seth Anderson
Williamsville South: Sam Cohen, Casey Nuchereno
West Seneca East: Andy Smigiera, Ryan Johnson
Grand Island: Chris Connors, Max Oursler
Sweet Home: Michael Torrillo, Mike McCoy
Fredonia: Tyler Cassidy, Nick Nocek
JFK: Nick Anderson, Zach Walkowski
Cleveland Hill: Brandon Thomas, Josh White
Wilson: Justin Slango, Steve Szuba
Portville: Zach Wood, Curtis Caya
Maple Grove: Oliver Simpson, Jonah Tanner
Silver Creek: Zed Williams, Sherman Williams
Randolph: Jordan Dowiasz, Dylan Faust
Alden: Corey Barczykowski, Domenic Brotz
Depew: Anthony Buono, Brandon Atlas
Cheektowaga: Tim Whelan, John Hanners
Springville: Bill Dickenson, Chris Phinney
Unsung Players for Semi Final Teams: 
Ricky Fitzgerald, Frontier
Mike Watson, Jamestown
Raphael Pagliei, Orchard Park
RD Hillman, Lockport
Bill Attea, Sweet Home
Mitch Fachko, Grand Island
Zach Utech, Williamsville South
Zach Osmanski, West Seneca East
Matt Shields, Alden
Rob Buono, Depew
Tyler Studd, Springville
Tim Whelan, Cheektowaga
Josh White, Cleveland Hill
Joey Burkowski, JFK
Wim Walch, Wilson
Cody Smith, Fredonia
Chris Doubek, Randolph
Dalton Bolles, Maple Grove
Ben Waugh, Portville
Nick Iskra, Silver Crteek
Last Time At The Ralph (Sectional Finals):
Class AA:
Orchard Park: 2011
Jamestown: 2011
Lockport: 1933
Frontier: 1984
Class A:
Sweet Home: 2011
West Seneca East: 1987
Williamsville South: 2011
Grand Island: 2009
Class B: 
Depew: 2011
Cheektowaga: 2009
Springville: 1997
Alden: 2011
Class C:
JFK: 1986
Fredonia: 2010
Cleveland Hill: 2011
Wilson: 1990
Class D:
Maple Grove: 2011
Randolph: 2010
Portville: 2007
Silver Creek: 2010
Class DD:
Clymer and Ellicottville/Little Valley will have byes in week 9 and play for the title on November 3rd at the Stadium.
Playoff Quarterfinals Review
Class AA: Jamestown and Orchard Park domnated their opponents. Frontier won their first playoff game since 1984 defeating Niagara Falls. Lockport after trailing 27-0 in the econd quarter, rallied to defeat Clarence in overtime behind the play of Dan Bronson, Mitch Evans and James Chambers. Lions is the only playoff team remaining from Class AA North. No surprises.
Class A: West Seneca East led byt the play of Andy Smigiera and Scott Ackerman came from behind to defeat Starpoint in a gut check game from the Trojans. Williamsville South behind sophomore quarterback Sam Castronova, Chaq Nettles, and Sam Cohen defeated McKinley in the most physical game the Billies have played in a lng time. The Macks didn't help themselves with over 20 penalties and a few turnovers. Grand Island came from behind in the 4th quarter to knock Iroquois out of the playoffs. The Vikings were led by Quinn Correa, Chris Connors, and Mitch Fachko. Sweet Home dominated Kenmore West for their 58th consecutive game aganist Section VI opponents. Jordan Evert, Brad Zaffram, and Mike Torrillo had solid games for the Panthers. No surprises.
Class B: Alden dominated Pioneer for the second consecutive year in the quarterfinals. Dominic Brotz, Corey Barczykowski, and Brian Stoldt led the Bulldog attack in their 28th consecutive victory over Section VI opponents. Depew behind the play of Anthony Buono, Rob Buono, Rod Tuner, and Derrick Sekuterski came from behind in the 4th quarter to fefeat Burgard. Springville after starting the season at 0-4 have now won 4 consecutive games by defeating Eden. Key player for the Griffiths were Chris Phinney, Troy Studd, and John Marrow. Cheektowaga playing without Marquel Jackson for hte second consecutive game dominated Lew-port to advance to the semi-finals. Warriors were led by their leader and playmaker James Hanners. Eden had defeated Springville early in the season in triple overtime but the Griffiths returned the favor in the rematch. No surprises.
Class C: Cleveland Hill behind 4 touchdowns by Brandon Thomas and a strong defensive effort defeated Salamanca. Wilson routed Westfield behind the play of Tim Walch, Justin Slango, and Steve Szuba. Fredonia beat Allegany-Limestone by one point for the second time this year to advance to the semi-finals. The Hillbillies were led by Zach Buckley and Nick Nocek. JFK dominated Casadaga Valley behind Nick Alexander and Zach Walkowski to advance to the semi-finals since 1986. No surprises. Class C North has all 4 teams in semi-finals.
Class D:  Maple Grove led by Oliver Simpson and Randolf led by Jordan Dowlasz dominated their opponents. Silver Creek led by Zed Williams also advanced to the semi-finals with an easy win over Frewsburg. Portvile behind Zach Wood took care of the Thunderbirds of Chautauqua Lake. No surprises.
Note: Home teams won 13 game and away teams won 7 games.

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