Game of the Week Preview: Canisius vs. St. Joe's

5:16 PM, Oct 28, 2012   |    comments
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Canisius (8-0) @ St. Joe's (7-1)
Saturday, October 27th at 1:00 pm
Head Coach: Head Coach:
Coach: Rich Robbins Coach: Dennis Gilbert
12-7-0, 2 yrs. 21-9-0
Key Players: Key Players:
Ryan Hunter (L) Franklin Spina (L)
Tyler Mascio (QB) Ilo Noble (RB)
Mike Sharpe (LB) Tyler Hill (DE)
Jake Muscarella (L) Mike Hubert (LB)
Josh Hoffman (DB) Nigel Davis (RB)
Ryan Richards (WR) Rod Payne (LB)
Qadree Ollison (RB) Dylan Hall (DL)
Denzel Benton (WR) Dennis Gilbert (QB)
Kyle Abernathy (DB) Tyshawn Stephney (WR)
David Constanzo (L) Brandon Beller (K)
Tom Rubino (LB)
Keys to Victory:
St. Joe's D needs to have a strong game, avoid penalties and turnovers. They need to stop big plays by Ollison, Mascio and Richards. 
Canisius needs to control the clock and limit offensive production of Noble and Davis. 
Need to limit turnovers.
Points Scored:
295 pts. /AVG. 37 pts. 289 pts. /AVG. 36.1 pts.
Points Allowed:
127 pts. AVG. 15.9 pts. 159 pts./ AVG. 20 pts.
Local: #1 Local: #7
WGRZ: #1 WGRZ: #6
State: #4 State: #15
QB - Canisius
L - Canisius
K - St. Joe's
This is the 81st game in the rivarly which is one of the best in the country. St. Joe's leads the serioes 47-30-3 and currently has a 4-game win streak against the Crusaders. Both teams have exceptional talent and are two of the best teams in WNY and NYS. Canisius' Rich Robbins and St. Joe's Dennis Gilbert are excellent coaches; assistant coaches on both teams are outstanding. This game will be very physical and the winner will be whoever wins the turnover battle and whoever controls the trenches.
Both teams are explosive. Canisius led at the end of te first quarter against McKinley 30-0, while St. Joe's can put the points on the board quickly with Rod Payne, Nigel Davis and Ilo Noble. 
Canisius' offense is one of the best in WNY with Tyler Mascio, Ryan Richards, Denzel Benton, and Qadree Ollison leading the Crusaders. 
Canisius - 42, St. Joe's - 28

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