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2012 Class D All-Stars

8:24 PM, Nov 19, 2012   |    comments
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Name, Position School 
1st Offense
Matt Booth, FB Cleveland Hill
Zed Williams, HB Silver Creek
Tyler Bain, WR Silver Creek
Oliver Simpson, TB Maple Grove
William Burgess, RB I-Prep
Jacob Caldwell, OL Frewsburg
Zach Wood, RB Portville
Tyler Veno, OL Portville
Jake Swan, OL Maple Grove
Jordan Dowiasz, RB Randolph
Nathan Beaver, TE Randolph
Anthony Pezzulo, OL Chautauqua Lake
Lee Waschler, OL Maple Grove
John Scroxton, OL Maple Grove
Andrew Pezzullo, OL Chautauqua Lake
Offensive MVP
Oliver Simpson Maple Grove
Jordan Dowiasz Randolph
1st Defense
Sherman Williams, LB Silver Creek
Cody Oldro, LB Randolph
Lucas Brown, LB Randolph
Chris Doubek, DB Randolph
Stephen Marcey, CB Silver Creek
AJ Hulton, LB Chautauqua Lake
Chandler Baker, LB Chautauqua Lake
Aaron Germaine, DB Maple Grove
Derek Johnson, LB Maple Grove
Dalton Bolles, LB Maple Grove
Gunnar Vancuren, DB Portville
Ben Waugh, LB Portville
Nick Munella, DB Frewsburg
Nick Fardink, RB Frewsburg
Defensive MVP
Zed Williams Silver Creek
Cody Oldro Randolph
Lineman of the Year 
Jeremiah Russin
2nd Offense - 2012
Sam Agnew, QB Cleveland Hill
Justin Forester, FL Cleveland Hill
Zack Klisiewicz, WR Silver Creek
Devone Adelgren, RB Frewsburg
Xavier May, TE I-Prep
Zach Heller, OL Frewsburg
Justus Elliott, OL Portville
Austin Lynn, OL Frewsburg
Mike Bowers, OL Randolph
Nick Iskra, QB Silver Creek
Ryan Miller, RB Chautauqua Lake
Matt Golombek, OL Maple Grove
2nd Defense - 2012
Caleb Snow, DT Cleveland Hill
Jeff Tampe, DB Maple Grove
Ben Hogg, DB Silver Creek
Wilquan Burgess, LB I-Prep
Dylan Faust, DE Randolph
Alex Minte, DB Randolph
Adam Carpenter, DB Chautauqua Lake
Dustin Graziano, DE Chautauqua Lake
Mike Burns, DE Maple Grove
Brett Marcellin, DB Portville
Curtis Caya, LB Portville
Robert Johnson, DT I-Prep
Jonah Taylor, DB Maple Grove
Coach of the Year  
Pat Slater

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