Class AA Preview

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Jamestown & Orchard Park to Battle for Title

Orchard Park: Quakers will have most opponents quaking.

Jamestown: Have top skill players and studs. Need to beat Quakers at OP for 1st time in 20 years to win the title.

Frontier: Won lottery not playing Quakers and Red Raiders.

Lancaster: Have to learn to finish; key to season will be defense.

Clarence: Need some Red Devils to provide offensive spark besides Williams and Oakes.

Lockport: Have tremendous leader and player in QB Dan Bronson

Kenmore West: Key to season will be play of QB

West Seneca West: Indians will be competitive could surprise.

Niagara Falls: Stars are not aligned for Wolverines this season.

Top Players:
Niagara Falls - Jaylin Smith
Lancaster - Matt Szymanski
Frontier - A.J. Licata
Orchard Park - Adam Belica
Lockport - Dan Bronson
Jamestown - Jake Sisson
Kenmore West - Alex Price
West Seneca West - Peter Walsh


Class AA Preview Summary:

Jamestown & Orchard Park should be locks for playoff berths. The other 6 berths are up for grabs. Lancaster won only one game in 2012; they have a record of leading in the games but just can't seem to finish. If Matt Szymanski stays healthy, they will be very competitive. Clarence's 5-4 record was deceiving as the Red Devils were leading in the 4th quarter in 3 of the losses. Return several linemen, QB Lex Oakes and All-WNY RB Emaure Williams. The negative for the Red Devil's is that they have to play at Jamestown and Orchard Park.

Frontier's Tim Mysklinski and coaching staff have done an excellent job the past few years. Falcons return several players led by A.J. Licata, Cam Coon and Justin Delarosa. The Falcons won the Class AA sweepstakes as they don't play the 2 powers: Jamestown and Orchard Park.

Niagara Falls play tough schedule starting at Jamestown in the opener. Defense needs to play well throughout the season if they are to make the playoffs. The Wolverines have excellent players in Jaylin Smith, James Goldston and Amir Miles.

Lockport has excellent QB in Dan Bronson on offense while Marshall Taylor and Moziah Townsend are studs on defense. Lions don't play Jamestown or Lancaster.

Kenmore West is always competitive and will make the playoffs. Alex Price, Trent White and Steve Kulik will lead the Blue Devils in 2013. West Seneca West won 4 games last season and look to compete for a playoff berth for the first time in several years. Indians don't play Clarence and Niagara Falls, but host Quakers and Red Raiders -- could be the season's sleeper.


Quakers look to compete again for League, Sectional and State Titles. 27 players have graduated but returning are several talented players, including talent from an 8-1 JV team. Offense to be sparked by Dave Hollins, Kevin Goltz, Ryan Falsone and Jake Dolgal, and Michigan transfer Desean Walker. Line is to be anchored by Adam Belica, Dawson Hillis, Kyle Brewer and Ed Lasardo.

They open at West Seneca West, play Clarence in week 3 and Jamestown in week 7, both at home. OP will miss Tucker Gamble, who transferred to a high school in Florida. Dylan Janca, Kevin Goltz, and Dave Hollins will battle for QB position.

Head Coach: Gene Tundo
Assistant Coaches:
Chuck Senn, Craig Dana, Eric Jantz
2012 Varsity Record:

Starters Returning:
Offense - 6, Defense - 3
Key Players:
Adam Belica, Ed Losardo, Dawson Hillis, Kevin Goltz, Kyle Brewer, Jake Dogal, Jake Cullen, John Becker, Desean Walker

Key Losses:
Mike Senn, Austin Goltz, Mitch Wilson, Ben Holmes



Red Raiders look to return to Ralph Wilson Stadium for the third consecutive year. Are 16-4 past two seasons. Have top skill players in WNY with QB Jake Sisson, RB Da'Quan Hollingsworth, who rushed for 1310 yards and 21 TDs in 2012, and WR's Zack Panebianco and Stephan Carlson. Line will be anchored by Jr. Joe Mistretta (who benched 315 lbs.) and Jack Blake.

Sophomore RB Zacc Kinsey will be an impact player for Tom Langworthy. The key to the season will be the play of the defense. They host Niagara Falls in the opener. They play at Orchard Park in week 7 which should determine League Title; they should also compete for the Sectional and State Title.

Sisson accounted for over 2,000 yards and 20 TDs rushing and passing as a Jr. The Red Raiders haven't won at Orchard Park since 1992.

Head Coach: Tom Langworthy (28-19, 5 years)
Assistant Coaches:
Ryan Calkins, Richie Joly, Dave Muella, John O'Brien, Mike Baker, Arrick Davis
2012 Varsity Record:

Starters Returning:
Offense - 7, Defense - 5
Key Players:
Jake Sisson, Zack Panebianco, Branden Kellam, Stephen Carlson, Da'Quan Hollingsworth, Joe Mistretta, Josh Colwell, Jack Blake, Brian Park, Zacc Kinsey, Quinn Lee Jaw.

Key Losses:
Cortland Haines, John Czech, Mike Watson
2012 JV Record:



The Falcons had a solid season in 2012 with a 6-3 record. Key players for Tim Myslinski's squad includes an All-WNY Candidate LB at A.J. Licata, Ricky Fitzgerald, Kevin Hamilton, Cameron Coon, Justin Delarosa, Kenny Kahler, Tyler Gaglia, and Brandon Wichleski.

Frontier won the luck of the draw by avoiding Jamestown and Orchard Park in the regular season. They host Clarence in the opener. Frontier has one of the top punters in WNY with Adrian Cannon. Talent from the 7-1 JV squad will help, but we will miss play and leadership of Nick King. The Falcons will compete for League Title.

Head Coach: Tim Myslinski (16-11-0, 3 years)
Assistant Coaches:
Mark Privateer, Kevin Sheffield
2012 Varsity Record:

Starters Returning:
Offense - 6, Defense - 6
Key Players:
A.J. Licata, Rickey Fitzgerald, Kevin Hamilton, Zack O'Connor, Ryan Harvey, Cameron Coon, Justin Delarosa, Kenny Kahler, Adrian Connor, Brandon Wichlewski, Eric Gotstine, Tyler Gaglia, Sean Murray

Key Losses:
Nick King, Bernie Cuthbert, Luke Bartone
2012 JV Record:



Redskins look to improve from a disappointing season in 2012. Chris Dickson is in his 2nd year, returning 8 on offense and 6 on defense. The offense could be explosive, led by Kevin Colafranceschi, Matt Szymanski, Mitch Fuller, and Corey Helenbrook. Defense is to be anchored by Szymanski, Tom Hineman and Mike Ziolo. Colafranceschi and Helebrook will from one of the top passing combinations in WNY. They open with Kenmore West and West Seneca West.

The key to the season will be the play of the line; they could be the season's sleeper. Redskins will miss Hayden Schonert, but the talent from the 7-2 JV team will help Lancaster this season.

Head Coach: Chris Dickson (1-7-0, 1 yr)
Assistant Coaches:
Brian Wild, Tom O'Donnell, Brandon Benham
2012 Varsity Record:

Starters Returning
: Offense - 8, Defense - 6
Key Players:
Kevin Colafranceschi, Corey Helenbrook, Dan Corbi, Mitch Fuller, Matt Szymanski, Tyler Winkowski, James Empfield

Key Losses:
Hayden Schonert
2012 JV Record:



Red Devils will be competitive and compete for the Title. They have All-WNY Candidates in RB Emaure Williams, who rushed for 1,101 yards and scored 22 TDs as a Junior. The offense is to be sparked by Williams and Lex Oakes.

The line will be anchored by Bill Lorenz and Britton Mann, while defense will be led by Joe Wesolowski, who had 38 tackles last season. Clarence opens at Frontier and host St. Joe's in week 2. They play the Quakers and Red Raiders away. Red Devils will miss the play and leadership of Alec Dietsch.

Head Coach: Mark Layer (10-7-0, 2 years)
Assistant Coaches:
Mark Kensy, Paul Burgio, Scott Roberts
2012 Varsity Record:

Starters Returning:
Offense - 4, Defense - 4
Key Players:
Emaure Williams, Billy Lorenz, Les Oakes, Joe Wesolowski, Britton Mann, Shane Weedon, Matt Vizzi, Ethan Reger.

Key Losses:
Alec Dietsch, Sam Bonk, Nate Ward, Mark Armstron
2012 JV Record:



Lions return 4 on offense and 6 on defense from last season's playoff squad. The offense is to be sparked by All-WNY Candidate QB Dan Bronson, who passed for 1,262 yards and 13 TDs in 2012. The defense to be led by Marshall Taylor, Moziah Townsend, and Malik Harden.

Key to the season will be the play of the line. The talent from 6-2 JV team will help Greg Bronson. Lions open with town rival Starpoint and play at Orchard Park in week 2. Lockport will be young, but competitive.

Head Coach: Greg Bronson (28-26-0, 6 years)
Assistant Coaches:
Trait Smith, Greg Wilson, Dan Barcancotta, Brendan Brady
Starters Returning
: Offense - 4, Defense - 6

Key Players:
Dan Bronson, Marshall Taylor, Moziah Townsend, Malik Harden, Nick Hamilton, James MacFarlane
Key Losses:
James Chambers, Khari Demos, R.D. Hillman

2012 JV Record:



The Blue Devils look to improve from last season's 3-6 record. Coach Rich Harris returns several starters, led by All-WNY Candidates Alex Price (who had several 100-yd. rushing games last season), Steve Kulik and La'Quan Salter. Other key players include Trent White and Nick Wojnar.

The key to the season will be the play of the QB. Price is explosive and is a candidate for 1,000 yards rushing. They open with Lancaster and Jamestown in the first two weeks & will be competitive.

Head Coach: Rich Harris (47-58-1, 12 years)
Assistant Coaches:
John Haynes, Matt O'Malley
2012 Varsity Record:

Starters Returning:
Offense - 5, Defense - 5
Key Players
: Alex Price, Steve Kulik, La'Quan Salter, Trent White, Adam Fron, Nick Wojnar, Terell Ford, Jason Taylor, GAry Halt, Imran Ahmadi

Key Losses:
Greg Howell, Mike Harris



The Indians recorded a 4-5 season in 2012 and won Class AA Bowl Title. Joe Cantafio returns 2 on offense and 3 on defense.

Key players will be Peter Walsh, Dakota Farr, Chris Lucas, Brendon Ebert, Devan Leo and Chris Walker. They will miss Matt Wheelock and have a tough opener against Orchard Park, but overall, they will be competitive. Leo benches 300 lbs., while Walsh rushed for 892 yards and 6 TDs in 2012.

Head Coach: Joe Cantafio (24-43, 8 years)
Assistant Coaches:
Dave Reco, Jim Kuhn
2012 Varsity Record:

Starters Returning:
Offense - 2, Defense - 3
Key Players:
Peter Walsh, Dakota Farr, Devan Leo, Chris Walker, Joe Sistaerk, Eric Fray, Brendan Ebert, Chris Lucas, Dan Punterio, Louis DiChristopher

Key Losses:
Matt Wheelock, Tyler Perna, Zach Marshall



Don Bass returns 4 on offense and 3 on defense. Offense is to be sparked by Jaylin Smith, Amir Myles, and Shaolin McCray. The line is to be anchored by James Goldston.

The key to the season will be the play of the QB; they have a tough matchup against Jamestown in their opener.

Head Coach: Don Bass (20-33-0, 6 years)
Assistant Coaches
: Jon Robins, Dave Kinney, Bob Couldrey, Warren Gilmore, Doug Howard, Mario Granata
2012 Varsity Record
: 4-5-0

Starters Returning:
Offense - 4, Defense - 3
Key Players:
Jaylin Smith, Amir Myles, Shaolin McCray, James Goldston, Maliek Agee, Daquire Simmons

Key Losses:
Ricky Bailey, Anthony Paretto, Tikere Ralands
2012 JV Record:



QB - Dan Bronson, Lockport
QB - Jake Sisson, Jamestown
RB - Kenny Kahler, Frontier
RB - Emaure Williams, Clarence
RB - Da'Quan Hollingsworth, Jamestown
RB - Alex Price, Kenmore West
WR - Zack Panebianco, Jamestown
WR - Corey Helenbrook, Lancaster
OL - Bill Lorenz, Clarence
OL - James Goldston, Niagara Falls
OL - Kyle Brewer, Orchard Park
OL - Adam Belica, Orchard Park
OL - Jack Blake, Jamestown
OL - Ed Losardo, Orchard Park
RS - Ryan Falson, Orchard Park
RS - Cam Coon, Frontier
RS - Shaolin McCray, Niagara Falls

RS - Desean Walker, Orchard Park

K - Quinn Lee Jaw


DL - Britton Mann, Clarence
DL - Marshall Taylor, Lockport
DL - Joe Mistretta, Jamestown
DL - Dawson Hillis, Orchard Park
LB - Matt Szymanski, Lancaster
LB - Devan Leo, West Seneca West
LB - Moziah Townsend, Lockport
DB - Ricky Fitzgerald, Frontier
DB - Jaylin Smith, Niagara Falls
DB - Trent White, Kenmore West
DB - Jake Cullen, Orchard Park
DB - Jake Dogal, Orchard Park
U - Malik Harden, Lockport
P - Adrian Cannon, Frontier
RS - Peter Walsh, West Seneca West
RS - Mitch Fuller, Lancaster


Coach with the most wins: 160 - Gene Tundo, Orchard Park

Top academic achievers: Dan Bronson, Lockport; Jake Sisson, Jamestown; Kevin Colafraceschi, Mitch Fuller, Matt Szymanski, Lancaster; Chris Walker, West Seneca West

Strongest: Joe Mistretta, Jamestown; Devan Leo, West Seneca West (squats 670)

Fastest: Da'Quan Hollingsworth, Jamestown

Biggest: James Goldston, Niagara Falls

Best nickname: Matt "Bubba" Szymanski, Lancaster

Best cheerleaders: Lancaster

Top complex: Jamestown, Orchard Park

Best rushers: Da'Quan Hollingsworth, Jamestown; Emaure Williams, Clarence; Alex Price, Kenmore West

Top wide receivers: Zack Panebianco & Stephen Carlson, Jamestown

Top defensive players: Joe Mistretta, Jamestown; Matt Szymanski, Lancaster

Top lineman: Marshall Taylor, Lockport; Adam Belica, Orchard Park

Major impact player: Jake Sisson, Jamestown

Team with most Section Titles: Orchard Park - 11

Best dressed: Richie Joly, Jamestown

Most photogenic: Emaure Williams, Clarence

Best dancer: Mitch Fuller, Lancaster

Game-changer: Ryan Falsone, Orchard Park

Worst dancer: Brian Wild, Lancaster

Class-act: Devan Leo, West Seneca West

Impact transfer: Desean Walker from Lake Western High in Michigan to Orchard Park

Must-see game: Jamestown @ Orchard Park, week 7

Most loquacious: Dave Munella, Jamestown

Unsung player: Bill Lorenz, Clarence

Players you will get to know: Matt Szymanski, Lancaster; Stephen Carlson, Jamestown

Best backfields: Jamestown, Orchard Park

Best offense: Jamestown, Orchard Park

Best line: Orchard Park

Sleeper team: Lancaster

A.J. Licata, Frontier, possesses a 97 GPA.

Note: J.R. Branden Kellom of Jamestown transferred back to Rochester and will not be playing basketball or football for the Red Raiders -- he could be playing for Aquinas.









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