Class B North Preview

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Burgard and Cheektowaga to Vie for Title

Cheektowaga: Warriors a lock for playoffs

Burgard: Bulldogs may be first City of Buffalo school to play for Sectional Title

Medina: Should explode offensively

Barker/Roy-Hart: Haight ensures Raiders will be competitive

Albion: Return 7 on both sides of the ball and JVs are 15-3 the past two years.

Lew-Port: Hogan and Nalbone will spark Lancers' offense.

Amherst: Can surprise

Maryvale: Only two starters return & JVs are 2-12-2 the past two seasons.

Bennett: Tigers need to get their act together as they only had one victory in 2012.

Top Players:
Amherst - Tadrik Johnson
Cheektowaga - Preston Summers
Lewiston-Porter - Dan Hogan
Bennett - Paul Dixon
Maryvale - Mike Kelleher
Albion - Steve Stauss
Burgard - Roderick Morrow
Medina - Jason Hellwig
Barker/Roy-Hart - Jacob Haight



Warriors are 15-3 the past two seasons, including an 8-1 record in 2012. Mike Fatta returns 7 on both sides of the ball, led by All-WNY Candidates Preston Summers (candidate for 1,000 yds. rushing) and 6'3, 315-lb. Trevon Harrell. Offense to be sparked by Summers, Tim Whelan, and Ken Dillenburg. Defense to be keyed by Harrell, Kobe Walonjka and Matt Bartnic. Line will be anchored by Jon Loncher, Robert Wilson, and Matt Sciera. Talent from 8-1 JV team will help Warriors in their goals to win League and Sectional Titles. Warriors open at the Carrier Dome against Jamesville-Dewitt (a power in Central NY). The contest vs. Burgard in week 6 should decide the Title.

Head Coach: Mike Fatta (8-1-0, 1 year)
Assistant Coaches:
Kyle Lackie, Jake Havernick, Scott Zipp, Bob Mucitelli
2012 Varsity Record
: 8-1-0

Starters Returning:
Offense - 7, Defense - 7
Key Players:
Matt Bartnik, Kilbe Walenka, Preston Summers, Kenny Dillenburg, Trevon Harrell, Tim Whelan, John Lancher, Robert Wilson, Zakcieski, Matt Sciera

Key Losses:
Marquel Jackson, James Hanners
2012 JV Record:



Bulldogs return 9 on defense and 5 on offense from last year's 6-3 team. Line will be anchored by Kevon Perry and Vernon McCutcheon. Defense will be led by All-WNY candidates Roderick Morrow, Jamar Holmes and Darllel Sanders. Offense is to be sparked by Holmes (who runs a 4.45-forty), Julius Cathcart and Marcus Hampton. Talent from 6-2 JV team will help Jason Kolb's team. They open with Bennett and Albion. Bulldogs will compete for League and Sectional Titles. The key to the season will be the play of QB. Burgard will be in the playoffs and could be the first City of Buffalo team to play for Sectional Title in November at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Head Coach: Jason Kolb (59-39-0, 4 years)
Assistant Coaches:
Keith Falkowski, Gary Braun, Jack Conway, Chris Faltisco, Larry D'Arcy
2012 Varsity Record:

Starters Returning:
Offense - 5, Defense - 9
Key Players:
Roderick Morrow, Kevon Perry, Darellel Sanders, Julius Cathcart, Marcus Hampton, Vernon McCutcheon, Amir Dennis, Kobe Greene, Tiawon Moss, Emanuel Moss, Marquis Hampton

Key Losses:
Sean Marshall, DaQuan Walker
2012 JV Record:



Mustangs return All-WNY Candidates Jason Hellwig, RB Kyle Barna and RB Dan Brown, who will lead an explosive offense. Hellwaig passed for 1,450 yards and 16 TDs as a sophomore. Line will be anchored by Brandon Schoorcraft and Adam Colter. Eric Valley returns 6 starters on both sides of the ball from last season's 6-3 squad. Barna, Brown and Brett Pecoraro will lead a young defense. The open against Amherst and Maryvale. Key to the season will be the play of the line. Mustangs will compete for a playoff berth.

Head Coach: Eric Valley (18-26-0, 5 years)
Assistant Coaches:
Neal Hermann, Nick Benedetti, Eric Hellwig, Joe Sohr
2012 Varsity Record:

Starters Returning
: Offense - 6, Defense - 6
Key Players:
Jason Helwig, Kyle Barna, Dan Brown, Ty Hrovat, Adam Cotter, Brett Pecoraro, Brandon Schozcraft

Key Losses:
Lonnie Taylor, Jake Cotriss
2012 JV Record:



Raiders have an excellent 13-5 record over the past two years. Bill Bruning's squad is to be led by 6'3, 190-lb. All-WNY Candidate who has recorded 116 tackles and 12 interceptions in his High School career. Line will be anchored by James Brady and Tim Flint. Offense is to be sparked by Haight, Amos Andrews and Daron Woods. Defense to be keyed by Haight, Tyler Childs and Tim Flint. Raiders open against Albion, and they should make the playoffs.

Head Coach: Bill Bruning (25-39-0, 7 years)
Assistant Coaches:
James Jurewicz, Don Baker
2012 Varsity Record:

Starters Returning:
Offense - 3, Defense - 3

Key Players:
Jacob Haight, Tim Flint, Tyler Childs, Daron Woods, Amos Andrews, James Brady

Key Losses
: Brett Cole, Brad Bobbitt
2012 JV Record
: 4-4



Purple Eagles return 7 on both sides of the ball, plus talent from 8-1 JV squad. Line will be anchored by All-WNY Candidates, 6'5, 305-lb. Steven Stauss, and 6'1, 290-lb. Jon Trembley. Sophomore Tre Hart will provide offensive spark. They open with Barker/Roy-Hart and have tough matchups in weeks 2 and 3 with Burgard and Cheektowaga. They do have a shot at contending for a playoff berth.

Head Coach: Tony Osburn (17-18-0, 4 years)
Assistant Coaches:
Keith Piccirilli, Mark Vanderkarr
2012 Varsity Record
: 2-6-0

Starters Returning:
Offense - 7, Defense - 7
Key Players:
Steven Stauss, Tre Hart, Jon Trembly

2012 JV Record:



Lancers had a nice season in 2012 with a 6-3 record. Returning are All-WNY Candidates Dan Hogan, Jon Bondi & Zak Nalbone. Chet Bondi and Shawn Siemucha will also be key players for Jon Hoover. Hogan is a candidate for 1,000 yds. rushing. 

They will miss Billy Schiavetti and Josh Daul. Lancers open against Niagara Wheatfield and Barker/Roy-Hart. Lew-Port should compete for a playoff berth.

Head Coach: Jon Hoover (6-3-0, 1 year)
Assistant Coaches:
Chris D'Anna, Eric D'Anna
2012 Varsity Record:

Starters Returning:
Offense - 4, Defense - 5
Key Players:
Dan Hogan, Zak Nalbone, Chet Bondi, Shawn Siemucha, Jon Bondi

Key Losses:
Billy Schiavetti, Josh Daul



Tigers look to rebound from a one-win season. Returning are 5 starters on both sides of the ball. Tadriek Johnson and JuWan Baker will spark the offense, while the line will be anchored by Kyle Damon and Alex Lenegan. The key to the season will be the play of defense.

Amherst opens at Medina and should improve. Their strength will be quickness and play of the line.

Head Coach: Jason Beckman (5-22-0, 3 years)
Assistant Coaches
: Pat Murphy, Rob Close, Pete Battaglia, Erik Zobel, Kevin Gill, Gregg Schaper, Bernie Ozolins.
2012 Varsity Record:

Starters Returning
: Offense - 5, Defense - 5
Key Players
: Tadrick Johnson, JuWan Baker, Alex Lenegan, Kyle Damon, Rashad Blodgett, Brandon Allen, Bryon Fowler, Davon Burgin, Amadi Ikpeze, Kyle Damon, Austin Ley

Key Losses:
Justin Twarog, Dion Lewis, Maliik Holiday, Brian Roberts
2012 JV Record
: 2-6-0



Flyers look to rebound from consecutive losing seasons. John Hewitt, Jeremy Spitzberg, and Henry Scales will provide an offensive spark, while Mike Kelleger, Mike Cammarano and Amarri Brown will lead the defense. Jeff Buccieri lost several players to graduation, returning only 2 starters on offense and defense. They open at Cleveland Hill, which will be a tough matchup for the Flyers.

Head Coach: Jeff Buccieri (6-11-0, 2 years)
Assistant Coaches:
Steve Griffin, Paul Rokitka, Richard Buckenroth, Garrett Kensy
2012 Varsity Record:

Starters Returning:
Offense - 2, Defense - 2
Key Players:
Mike Kelleher, Jeremy Spitzberg, John Hewitt, Mike Cammarano, Amarri Brown, Henry Scales, Ronald Ponholzer, DeMante Chatman, Brandon Bojanowski

Key Losses:
Mike Wawrzyniak, Jon DiPasquale
2012 JV Record:



Tigers has one victory last season and look to improve. They will be led by All-WNY Candidate Paul Dixon, Calvin Driskell and Isaiah McDuffie. They have tough matchups with Burgard and Cheektowaga the first two games. It could be a challenging season for Steve McDuffie.

Head Coach: Steve McDuffie (7-11-0, 2 years)
Assistant Coach:
Aaron Young
2012 Varsity Record
: 1-8-0

Starters Returning
: Offense - 4, Defense - 4
Key Players:
Paul Dixon, Calvin Driskell, Isaiah McDuffie

Key Losses:
Khalil Sommerville
2012 JV Record:





QB - Jason Hellwig, Medina
RB - Preston Summers, Cheektowaga
RB - Dan Hogan, Lew-Port
RB - Brett Pecoraro, Medina
WR - Jamar Holmes, Burgard
WR - Tadrik Johnson, Amherst
OL - James Brady, Barker/Roy-Hart
OL - Kevon Perrt, Burgard
OL - John Loncher, Cheektowaga
OL - Jon Trembly, Albion
OL - Vernon McCutcheon, Burgard
RS - Isaiah McDuffie, Bennett
RS - Jamar Holmes, Burgard


DL - Roderick Morrow, Burgard
DL - Trevon Harrell, Cheektowaga
DL - Matt Bartmic, Cheektowaga
LB - Kule Barna, Medina
LB - Paul Dixon, Bennett
LB - Jon Bondi, Lew-Port
LB - Mike Kelleger, Maryvale
LB - Darllel Sanders, Burgard
DB - Jacob Haight, Barker/Roy-Hart
DB - Zack Nalbone, Lew-Port
DB - Dan Brown, Medina
DB - JWan Baker, Amherst
DB - Jeremy Spitzberg, Maryvale
RS - Tadrik Johnson, Amherst



Coach with most wins: Jason Kolb, Burgard

Top academic achievers: Jason Hellwig, Medina; Jon Trembley, Albion

Strongest: Steven Stauss, Albion

Fastest: Jamar Holmes, Burgard

Biggest: Emmanuel Moss, Burgard

Best Nickname: James "Bubba" Brady, Barker/Roy-Hart

Best Cheerleaders: Cheektowaga

Top Complexes: Amherst, All High

Best Rusher: Dan Hogan, Lew-Port

Top Wide Receiver: Tadriek Johnson, Amherst

Top Defensive Player: Roderick Morrow, Burgard

Top Lineman: Steven Stauss, Albion

Major Impact Player: Preston Summers, Cheektowaga

Best Dressed: Roderick Morrow, Burgard

Most Photogenic: Steven Strauss, Albion

Best Dancer: Tadriek Johnson, Amherst

Game Changer: Tadriek Johnson, Amherst

Must see game: Burgard at Cheektowaga, October 12th

Most Loquacious: Steve McDuffie, Bennett

Unsung player: Kevon Perry, Burgard

Players you will get to know: Jamar Helmes, Burgard; Jacob Haight, Barker/Roy-Hart

Biggest question mark: Who will take over at QB for Amherst, Lew-Port, and Burgard?

Best Statistician: Dan Kaplan, Cheektowaga

Top Freshman: Isiah McDuffie, Bennett

Top Assistant Coach: Scott Zipp, Cheektowaga

Best Backfield: Cheektowaga

Best Offense: Cheektowaga, Medina

Best Defense: Burgard

Sleeper: Barker/Roy-Hart

Jason Hellwig, Medina Jr. QB ranks #2 in school career passing yards and is ranked #4 in passing yards

Forecast: Burgard and Cheektowaga to battle for league title.

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