Coach's Profile: Kevin Lester, Williamsville South

4:25 PM, Sep 4, 2013   |    comments
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What were your most memorable moments in coaching high school football?
My most memorable moments were coaching at Ralph Wilson Stadium in 2010 and 2011, and coaching with my brother Michael against our brother Patrick who is a coach at Grand Island.  I also look forward to my wife Sara and my daughers waiting for me after every game win or lose.  These are memorable moments that I get to relive every week.  
What is your role as an assistant coach?
I am responsible for coaching the offensive and defensive line and several special teams.  However, in addition to scouting, film breakdown, preparing for practices, and off season workouts, I believe my role is to assist Coach Kurzanski with anything that will help our team be successful.  This includes things other than X's and O's.  For example, practice and game balls, towels, head sets, stat sheets, tees, bocks, and other essential items.  My goal is to give Coach Kurzanski the peace of mind that each of these will always be ready our games and practices.
What were the best teams you have coached?
The best teams were 2009, 2010, and 2011 Williamsville South Billies.  These teams were complete at every position.  When a player graduated, there was almost always younger players that were willing to work to replace him.  These teams earned their success and paid the price to be at the top of our division.  Their hard work, teamwork, friendships, and commitment to Williamsville South made them great.  
What was your proud or memorable moment in playing football?
My most memorable moments as a player were participating in the Williamsville rivalry games.  As a South football player, there was nothing better than playing Williamsville North or Williamsville East.  Every game is important, however, these games seemed to mean the world to us.  My most proud moment was being met on the field by my mother and father after playing in the 1992 Lions All Star game.  
Who was your mentor?
My mentors are my father, Kevin Lester Sr. and former Williamsville South Football coach Mike Kelly.  These men have taught me and continue to teach me what is important, and that is my family and the relationships I form as a teacher and coach.  They also taught me how to conduct myself as a coach.  The boys that play for us are very impressionable and we have a responsibility to teach them what is right, and that starts with our example.  They have also taught me that coaching is never about you the coach, it is about the players.  We are here for them; we are here to help make them the best that they can be.  I would also like to thank the first coach that I ever had, Dick Gallagher.  Coach Gallagher was the coach of my tee-ball team in 1980.   I was fortunate to have him as my coach.  
How many years have you coached football?
Eighteen years of high school coaching.  One at Olean, five at Amherst, and twelve at South.  

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