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"The Best" 1984-2012

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Top Teams: Jamestown, Albion, Lackawanna, Orchard Park, Randolph, Sweet Home, Southwestern, Maple Grove, St. Francis, St. Joe's.

Offensive Players: Aaron Leeper, Jamestown; Ray Braxton, Lackawanna; Jehuu Caulcrick, Clymer; Chad Kelly, St. Joe's; Joe Licata, Williamsville South; Qadree Ollison, Canisius; Naaman Roosevelt, St. Joe's; Randy Smith, Lockport; Michael Radon, St. Francis.

Defensive Players: Frank Pavacich, Niagara Wheatfield; Mike Mamula, Lackawanna; Day-Day Morris, Sweet Home; Doug Worthington; St. Francis; James Gaines, Williamsville North/Canisius; Rob Gronkowski, Williamsville North.

Most Versatile: Kevin Mason, West Seneca East; Sandro DeAngelis, St. Joe's; Malik Campbell, Turner/Carroll; Cory Schemm, Maryvale; Chris Secky, Maple Grove; Naaman Roosevelt, St. Joe's; Corey Graham, Turner/Carroll.

Best Student-Athlete: Sean Ryan, St. Joe's; Jacob Caldwell, Frewsburg; Corey Schemm, Maryvale; Andy McMaster, Jamestown.

Best Brother Act: Chris & Tom Randall Secky; Tom, Matt & Pat Langworthy; Andy and Nick O'Hara, Orchard Park; Tyler and Brian Stoldt, Alden.

Best Punter: Brett Kern, Grand Island.

Best Announcers: Orv Cott, Dave Thomas, Sr., Dave Thomas Jr.

Best Camps: Jerry Butler, "Athletes in Action" Jim Kelly, Cross Training Football.

Best Publisher: Mark Adair

Best Publication: Upstate Football Weekly

Best Photographers: Walt Root (Jamestown), Judy Perkowski (WNY High School Sports), Wendy Dietsch.

Best Weekly Publications: The Sun (Hamburg), Amherst Bee

Best Running Duo: Wade Turner, Joe West of Lackawanna; Reggie Garner to Jackie Feggan, Cardinal O'Hara.

Best Assistants: Jamestown's Joe DiMaio, Tom Phillips; Dave Currie, Orchard Park; Will Thiel, Steve Ferrentino, St. Francis; John Scibetta, Randolph; Brent Brown, Southwestern; Kevin Sallbury

Most First-Team All-WNY Players: 60, Jamestown & St. Joe's

Best Weekly Sports Editors: Pat Nagy, Amherst Bee, Mike Petro, Hamburg Sun.

Best Referees: Don O'Brien, Mike Perry, Bruce Hoffman, Doug Hartmayer, Matt Palma, Pail Gagliardi, Paul Trbynski, Larry Michaels and George Voskerchian.

Best All-Star Performance: Todd Burks (Clarence), Kensington All-Star Classic - 4 TDs.

Best Ambassadors: Joe Foyle, Armano Cacciatore, Len Jankiewicz, Frank Constantino, Ray Karney, Gene Masters, Chuck Funke, Ken Stoldt.

Best Volunteers: Paul "Stat Man" Hutzler, Milt Dickerson - All-Star Classic Coordinator; Denny Lynch - Alliance; Dennis Sarrow - Connolly Cup; Carl Kuras, Trench Trophy.

Unsung Hero: Chuck Funke

Longest Winning Streak: 37 games, Lackawanna

Best Producers: David Dee, Rick Karnath (Adelphia, Time Warner), John DeMerle (WBEN), Boomer Connell (WGRZ), Jeff Cobb (Channel 2).

Top Harvard Cup Coaches: Art Serotte (Grover Cleveland), Jerry Obstein (South Park), Don Chelf (McKinley), Charlie Dingboom (Riverside).

Best Statisticians: Joe Biondo, Orchard Park; Greg Betts, Fredonia; Tim Wegrzyn, St. Joe's.

Best Athletic Directors: Dave Thomas, Harvard Cup; Jim Rusin, Section VI; Joe Wolf, Msgr. Martin.

Toughest Schedule: Msgr. Martin's AA League, Class AA South.

Best Game Programs: Lancaster, Orchard Park, St. Francis, Southwestern, Sweet Home, Randolph

Best Assistants: Jamestown, Orchard Park, St. Francis, Southwestern, Sweet Home, Randolph

Most All-WNY Academic Selections: 38, St. Joe's

Best Humor: Jerry Obstein, South Park

Rivalries: Jamestown vs. Orchard Park, Canisius vs. St. Joe's, Depew vs. Lancaster, North Tonawanda vs. Tonawanda, Maple Grove vs. Randolph, Grand Island vs. Sweet Home.

Biggest Upset: Canisius (17), St. Joe's (14) in 1999, Dan Troy was the Head Coach of the Crusaders.

Best Dressed Coaches: Clarence, Niagara Falls, St. Joe's.

Best Stadiums: Strider Field (Jamestown), All-High (Buffalo), Depew, Amherst, Hamburg, St. Joe's, Southwestern.

Best JV Coaches: Gary Mannella, Albion; Jim Painter, Jamestown; Tony Agnello, Orchard Park.

Best Booster Club: Jamestown

Toughest Loss: Alden losing to Hornell in the 2011 State Quarterfinal Playoff game.

Best Leaders: Brian Stoldt, Alden; Aaron Leeper, Jamestown; Andy O'Hara, Orchard Park; Kyle Hoppy, Orchard Park.

Worst Decision: Dioscese of Buffalo closing Turner-Carroll.

Project Overdue: to renovate Williamsville Districts Stadium with a turf field and new lights.

Best Friday Night Football Venue: Lancaster

Best Refreshment Stand: Salamanca

Best Banquet Emcee: John Murphy

Best Chain Gang: Lancaster

Best Speaker: Jerry Butler

Best Coaching Performance: Dan Elvin (Lake Shore) - 1995, John Faller (Sweet Home) - 2009

Best Talker: Steve Ferrentino, Orchard Park

Most Photogenic: Jamestown's Coaching Staff

Best Couple: Mary and Joe Foyle

Best Athlete: Malik Campbell, Turner/Carroll

Best Dancer: Brian Wild, Lancaster

Best Cheerleaders: Hamburg, West Seneca East

Best Passers: Joe Licata, Williamsville South; Cliff Scott, Grand Island; Mike Radon, St. Francis.

Heroes: Coaches' wives

Best Call: Bill Moore (Lackawanna) calling for a fake punt againast Harrison in the 1996 Class B State Championship. The game was won by the Steelers.

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