Coach's Profile: Tim Delaney, South Park

2:44 PM, Oct 12, 2013   |    comments
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Buffalo State, '02
Wife: Carolina; Dog: Buster (chocolate lab); Mom: Tina; Dad: Tim
Football, Travel, Golf, Movies, Poker
Pet Peeves:
Lack of commitment from people
Years Coaching:
16 years -- 5 years as HC at South Park
Favorite Movie: 
Good Will Hunting, Remember the Titans, Bourne Trilogy, Rounders
Favorite TV Shows:
Seinfeld, Entourage, Law and Order, The Big Bang Theory
Favorite Foods:
Pizza, wings, Italian
Future Plans: 
Coach at South Park till retirement, raise a family, play golf in all 50 states.
Favorite NFL Player:
Tom Brady and Jerry Rice
Favorite NFL Coach:
Bill Belicheck
Why did you enter the coaching profession?
I've loved football since I started playing as an 8-year old. I volunteered at the Little League level as a Senior in High School and knew right then and there that this is what I was meant to do.
What is your philosophy in coaching?
I believe in coaching character in our players that will help teach commitment and build teamwork.
What brings you the most satisfaction in coaching?
Seeing players commit to something greater than themselves. Seeing players be successful in life.
What game do you remember most?
Losing to Will East to be knocked out of the playoffs in 2012. Its what drives us this offseaosn.
What is your biggest coaching thrill?
Winning championships at different levels, getting ready for the upcoming season.
Who are the most talented players that you coached?
Farod Muhamad (Hutch-Tech, 01-02), Joe Licata (Will. South, '07), Maurice Howie (South Park, '10-present)
What game do you remember the most?
Losing to Williamsville East to be knocked out of the playoffs in 2012. Its what drives us this offseason.
What is your biggest thrill coaching?
Winning Championships at different levels, getting ready for the upcoming season.
What do you expect from a player?
Commitment and their best.
What were the best teams you have coached?
01, '02 at Hutch Tech; '12 at South Park.
What was your most proud or memorable moment in playing football?
Beating a ranked Amherst team in 2011. Winning the 2001 Harvard Cup at Hutch-Tech, winning National Championship with South Buffalo Shamrocks in 2005. 
Who was your mentor?
Tim Delaney, Sr. -- I just want want to be half the man my father is.
Jerry Obstien - He treated me fairly and took my input.
Brian Leonard -- Great motivator and gave me my start in coaching.
Kraig Kurzanski -- Has shown me the ropes and how to be a professional in coaching.

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