Coach Profile: Jim Duprey

8:09 PM, Oct 28, 2013   |    comments
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Jim Duprey, Springville
wife- Christy, Daughter- Allyse
Strong work ethic
Pet Peeves:
sports memorabilia
Years Coaching:
21 years, 20 at Pioneer
47-49 11 years head coach Pioneer
Favorite Movie:
Zero Dark Thirty
Favorite TV Shows:
Bizarre foods, American Pickers
Favorite Foods:
anything my wife cooks!
Future Plans:
Continue teaching and coaching
Favorite NFL Player:
Jason Witten
Favorite College Coach:
Bill O'Brian- Penn St.
Why did you enter the coaching profession?
Help athletes realize that hard work always brings positive results
What is your philosophy in coaching?
ball control, play great defense
What brings you the most satisfaction in coaching?
young men who will sacrifice individual glory for the sake of the team
What was your greatest win in coaching High School Football?
2002 vs Iroquois - won Class A South Division Championship
What were your most memorable moments in coaching High School Football?
3 wins at the stadium in 99, 00, 01
Who are the most talented players you coached?
Phoutha Okhamuilaysac, Tim Schwab, Jeremy Blecha, Connor Johnson, Dylan Anna
What game do you remember the most?
homecoming 2011 vs Olean - we opened Tim Schwab memorial wall before the game
What is your most proud or memorable moments in playing football?
undefeated regular season in 2011
Who was your mentor?
my father- Jim Duprey Sr, Mike Nugent- Springville Head Coach
What is your biggest thrill coaching?
watching former players go on to become successful men.

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