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Commentary by Dick Gallagher

9:01 AM, Nov 3, 2013   |    comments
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Now that the football season is almost over, all players should be asking questions and developing an action plan for next season.

The main questions to ask yourself are as follows:

How can I become a better football player?
How can I become a better teammate?
How can I become one of the teams leaders?
How can I play with better discipline?
How can I be more focused?
How can I become one of the teams valuable players next season?

After you ask the questions spend some time answering them.  Don't look at it as being a short quiz.

After you have answered the questions to your satisfaction develop a workout program which will help you become a positive and valuable member of the team.

It is easier to workout with other teammates but the key will be what you do when no one is looking.

Frequently players like to be noticed when working out (increasing their bench pressing, etc.)

The bottom line, however, is you can improve your technique, coordination and agility all in your home or backyard.

If you are concerned that others need to see you working out than you are more concerned about yourself than your team and you will not become a positive force next season.

What is important is the number of repetitions you will do for each activity or exercise.

In implementing your plan don't ever take any shortcuts and adhere to your daily program.  If you don't, you will be cheating yourself and your teammates.

You have the engine, you are the driver and you have the keys to your success.

It will be your discipline and character between November and August if you will actually become a leader and a valuable member of your football team.

Make it happen and make a difference.

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