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Class A Central All-Stars

5:13 PM, Nov 27, 2013   |    comments
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1st Team Offense
Sam Castranova, Williamsville South, QB
Jamar Rutledge, McKinley, QB
Derick Isler, Williamsville North, RB
Kevin Mason, Williamsville South, WR
Myron Harden, East, OL
George Attea, Williamsville North
John Becht, Williamsville North
Nate Burnett, McKinley, OL
Erik Jacobs, Williamsville South, OL
Pat Orsini, Williamsville Eat, K
Jaleel Battle, Williamsville East, UT

1st Team Defense
Danael Epps, McKinley, DL
Chris Tideswell, Williamsville East, DL
Dante Thompson, McKinley, DL
Jacob Fuzak, Williamsviile South, LB
Nick Ames, Williamsville North, LB
Xavier May, Riverside, LB
Matt Zygaj, Williamsville East, LB
Tyrell Wilson, McKinley, DB
Jeremy Kelly, McKinley, DB
Cam Varner, Williamsville South, DB
Pasquale Scafie, East, UT

Coach of the Year: Ed Wilson, McKinley
Player of the Year: Mike Benton, McKinley, RB
Offensive Player of the Year: Kolbe Hughes, Williamsville North, WR
Defensive Player of the Year: Antonio Zendano,Will South, LB
Team Sportsmanship: Williamsville South, Player: Jacob Fuzak

2nd Team Offense
Ryan Majewski, Williamsville North, QB
Keyon Johnson, McKinley, UT
Matt Foster, Williamsville South, WR
Zac Kelly, Williamsville North, WR
Isiah Perrin, Williamsville East, WR
Earl Rainey, McKinley, OL
Ryan Woods, Williamsville South, OL
Kevin Perlestein, Williamsville North, OL
Elber Munn, Riverside, OL
Patrick Kelly, Williamsville East, OL

2nd Team Defense
Mikeal Crockett, McKinley, DL
Chris Smith, McKinley, DL
Alejandro Hidlago, Williamsville South, DL
Duke Hwang, Williamsville North, DL
Quajon Taylor, McKinley, LB
Irving Pae, McKinley, LB
Jeremy Spitzberg, Williamsville South, LB
Jordan Boell, Williamsville South, DB
Daquan Slyvester, East, DB
Alfred Gary, East, LB/DB

Honorable Mention:
Williamsville South: Darin Geska, Ben Clement, Chris Brownill, Mike Spence, Nick Allen, Jacob Hunter

Williamsville North: Dean Thompson, Chad Steinwachs, Nate Mutka, Jake Ames, Nick Pilon

Williamsville East: Rae'Kwon Green, Tahjl Lewis, Greg Cook, Mike Losl, Nick Molnar, Pat Faracca

Riverside: Nathaniel Rodriguez, Damone McNamee, Timmie Manny, Davonte Thompson, James Coleman, Robert Johnson

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