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All-State & Section VI

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All-State Facts:

  • 86 players from WNY/Section VI made All-State teams
  • 24 players made first-team.
  • Randolph had 11 Cardinals on the Class D All-State Team including 6 first-teamers.
  • Chris Doubek, Randolph's Sr. RB, was selected the Class D Player of the year.

All-State Football Players from Section VI:

Class AA:

Jake Sisson, Jamestown's Sr. QB - 1st team
Stephen Carlson, Jamestown's Jr. WR - 1st team
Qadree Ollison, Canisius' Sr. RB - 2nd team
Dawson Hillis, Orchard Park's Sr. OL - 2nd team
Ryan Byrne, Timon/St. Jude's Sr. DL - 2nd team
T.J. Wheatley, Canisius' Jr. DL - 2nd team
Nigel Davis, St/Joe's Sr. DB - 2nd team
Zack Panebianco - Jamestown's Jr. DB - 2nd team
Joe Mistretta - Jamestown's Jr. OL - 3rd team
Brad Zaffram - Canisius' Jr. AP - 4th team
Dave Koeppel - Canisius' Sr. OL - 5th team
A.J. Licata - Frontier's Sr. LB - 5th team
Mike Sharpe - Canisius' Sr. LB - 5th team
Ryan Richards - Canisius' Sr. DB - 5th team

Honorable Mention:
DeSean Walker, Orchard Park's Sr. RB
Adam Belica, Orchard Park's Sr. L
Ryan Zulawski, St. Francis' Sr. L
Anthony Castellani, St. Joe's Sr. LB
Rod Payne, St. Joe's Sr. LB
Matt Perla, Orchard Park's Sr. LB
Moziah Townsend, Lockport's Sr. LB
Tyler Hill, St. Joe's Sr. AP

Class A:

Derick Isler, Williamsville North's Sr. RB - 1st team
Jeremiah Bill, Hamburg's Sr. OL - 1st team
George Attea, Williamsville North's Jr. OL - 1st team
Tom Doctor, Grand Island's Sr. DL - 1st team
Nick Ames, Williamsvillle North's Jr. LB - 1st team
Brandon Smiley, Sweet Home's Jr. DB - 1st team
Brandon Reilly, West Seneca East's Sr. OL - 3rd team
Devin Lindner, West Seneca East's Sr. DL - 3rd team
John Navarro, Sweet Home's Sr. DL - 4th team
T.J. Scott, South Park's Sr. LB - 4th team
Jordan Evert, Sweet Home's Jr. DB - 4th team

Honorable Mention:
Tyler Mascio, South Park's Sr. QB
Kevin Torrillo, Sweet Home's Jr. QB
Kolbe Hughes, Williamsville North's Sr. WR
Antonio Leonard, South Park's Jr. WR
Nate Burnett, McKinley's Sr. L
Duke Hwang, Williamsville North's Jr. L
Antonio Zendano, Williamsville South's Sr. LB
Kurtis Johnson, Grand Island's Sr. P

Class B:

Steven Stauss, Albion's Sr. OL - 1st team
Phil Zobrest, Alden's Sr. DL - 1st team
Dylan Dussault, Alden's Sr. DB - 1st team
Brian Stoldt, Alden's Sr. DB - 1st team
Kevon Perry, Burgard's Sr. OL - 2nd team
Jacob Haight, Barker/Roy-Hart's Sr. P - 2nd team
Nick Yelich, Depew's Sr. LB - 2nd team
Rodney Turner, Depew's Jr. RB - 3rd team
Kyle Barna, Medina's Sr. AP - 3rd team

Honorable Mention:
Mike Lamb, Depew's Sr L
Ryan Merlau, Pioneer's Sr. L
Roderick Morrow, Burgard's Jr. L
Devin Shaw, Eden's Sr. L
Justin Bliss, Pioneer's Sr. DB

Class C:

Matt McCarthy, Fredonia's Jr. RB - 1st team
Austin Lauricella, Akron's Sr. WR - 1st team
Steve MacIllwain, Cleveland Hill's Sr. DL - 1st team
Cameren Smith, Lackawanna's Sr. DB - 1st team
Jared Watkins, Cleveland Hill's Sr. DB - 1st team
Tanner Hoose, Southwestern's Sr. K - 1st team
Brandon Thomas, Cleveland Hill's Sr. RB - 2nd team
Josh White, Cleveland Hill's Sr. LB - 2nd team
Cody Dustin, Falconer's Sr. RB - 3rd team
Marcus Webb, Lackawanna's Sr. OL - 3rd team
Wayne Jones, Cleveland Hill's Sr. LB - 3rd team

Honorable Mention:
Dylan Gregoire, Lackawanna's Sr. QB 
Kyle Moran, Southwestern's Sr. L
Tommy James, Akron's Sr. LB

Class D:

Chris Doubek*, Randolph's Sr. RB - 1st team
Cody Oldro, Randolph's Sr. LB - 1st team
Micah Kehoe, Randolph's Sr. K - 1st team
Nick Hettenbaugh, Randolph's Sr. DB - 1st team
Lucas Brown, Randolph's Sr. LB - 1st team
Mitch Maycock, Randolph's Sr. QB - 1st team
Bryce Morrison, Randolph's Jr. WR - 2nd team
Michael Bowers, Randolph's Jr. OL - 2nd team
Jonah Tanner, Maple Grove's Jr. DB - 2nd team

Honorable Mention:
Jeff Andrews, Randolph's Jr. L 
Tyler Furlow, Maple Grove's Jr. RB
Patrick Kibbe, Randolph's Jr. L
Wesley Senn, Randolph's Sophomore L
Chandler Baker, Maple Grove's Jr. LB
A.J. Hulton, Maple Grove's Jr. LB
Ben Waugh, Portville's Sr. LB

*NYS Class D Player of the Year

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