Buffalo Bills Fans React To Hiring Of Chan Gailey As Coach

7:27 AM, Jan 20, 2010   |    comments
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Buffalo Bills Coach Chan Gailey

At the Amherst Pizza and Ale House Buffalo Bills fan Ron Matre, who owns six pricey club seats at Ralph Wilson Stadium, reacted with dismay to the team's hiring of Chan Gailey as its new head coach.

"I saw Chan Gailey and I just flipped out. And I called (the team) up and I told them they could keep my $6,000 worth of tickets," Matre told 2 On Your Side's Dave McKinley.

"I'm not to happy with it," said fellow bar patron Joe Bish of Lancaster.  "It sounds like more (previous Bills Coach) Dick Jauron. Quiet, passive, not willing to shake things up," Bish said.

Bills fans also took to radio airwaves to voice their displeasure because Gailey wasn't the "big name" coach.

"It doesn't put us on the map in the NFL scheme of things, ...it doesn't bring back respectability," said one caller to the Schopp and the Bulldog Show on WGR SportsRadio 550.

But other Bills fans, like Gary Miller who joined co-workers for an after work drink at Amherst Pizza and Ale, are willing to give Gailey the benefit of the doubt.

"I'm all right with it. I know it's not the popular choice but I'm willing to give the guy a shot, Miller said.

Bills fans might take comfort in noting that during Gailey's first public remarks as coach, he used words to describe his philosophy of winning which were almost identical to those uttered by the Bills coach with more victories than any other during his first day on the job.

"Blocking and tackling and throwing and catching and kicking, ....that's what wins games."
-Chan Gailey, January 19, 2010

"If you throw, catch, run, kick, block, tackle, cover better than the other team, you win."
-Marv Levy, November 3, 1986

Bills fans are hoping lightning can strike twice.


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