Gailey Speaks to Media

1:37 AM, May 8, 2010   |    comments
Buffalo Bills Coach Chan Gailey
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On getting the first mini-camp session on the field:

It's always good to get on the field. You can only talk football so much. You need to be on the grass or on the field and be able to go see who can do what on the field.


On QB Brian Brohm being in attendance:

We had several players out there and most of them are two years or under experience-wise. What we thought was, we get the extra mini-camp, it was an opportunity to put them in with the rookies, and give them some coaching reps that they might not get when the veteran players are here. So it's an opportunity to give some of those younger players who don't have a lot of experience an opportunity to participate.


On spending a lot of time with Brohm:

In general, I'm going to spend a little bit more time on the offensive end and in particular today with the receivers and the quarterbacks. But I try to keep my eye on the quarterbacks at all times. That's one of the things that I think is important that we make sure that we evaluate correctly.


On where Brohm stacks up with the quarterback situation:

There's not a first or a third right now. That's the situation. We're going to go to camp with it being an open deal and if you say that then it's got to be. You can't just say it and then get to camp and you've already got your mind made up or you stack it up a different way. To me, anybody's got a chance to win the job right now. And that's really the way it is. It's not just lip service.


On the purpose of this mini-camp being to introduce the offense and defense:

We do. We introduce a certain base but we put in more than some teams might put in because I would like to challenge these guys mentally. That's part of the process, too. How much can they retain from the classroom to the field? And that's one of the challenges that I've given these guys. It's incumbent upon them to go back at night and not just flip on the TV or go to a movie but to spend time in the playbook.


On these three days being an opportunity for the young guys to get more of a one-on-one time with the coaches:

Anytime the numbers are less, like they are out there now you're able to give guys more individual attention. When you get out there with 12, or 14, or 16 how many ever DB's we have, some of those younger ones won't get the attention. Now what you're trying to evaluate is who merits more attention after this camp.


On CB Leodis McKelvin attending this mini-camp:

It's voluntary for all the veterans. They don't have to be here. I ask all those guys with two years or less to come.


On needing Brohm here in that case because they needed an extra arm:

Well we'd have to change practice but if that was the case then we would have one arm or we might've signed another free agent if we had needed another arm.


On this being a first impression for some of those experienced guys:

Yeah it's a great opportunity for them and I hope they look at it that way because we certainly do.


On how many different things he can start seeing once he gets the players on the field:

A lot. You can watch film and get an evaluation of a guy, but to say that you know everything about them and to know exactly what they're going to be like once you get them on the field, that'd be a lie. I don't think I've ever been able to do that. So I think that once you get them on the field, you get a much better feel for work ethic, mental capacity, the ability to retain, those kinds of things that you can't get off of film.


On his first impressions of first round draft pick RB C.J. Spiller:

I don't like to talk about individuals to be honest with you. I thought as a group they gave great effort out there today. That's the one thing I came off the field with. I thought we had great effort from the whole group, or the group as a whole I should say.


On if there's a profile that he's looking for when it comes to back-up quarterbacks:   

No, there's no profile right now. The best three are going to be the three that we take unless something different presents itself somewhere down the line. That's just the way I go. The first one's the starter, the second one's the back-up, and the third one is the guy that sits out each game.


On if it's tougher to evaluate Brohm because there's not much NFL film on him:

Yeah, that's tougher to evaluate. It sure is, but I don't have any preconceived ideas either about him, which is a positive.


On if there's anything that he's learned about Spiller that he didn't know when they drafted him:

No. Actually. Nothing new has come up.


On if that's good:

Yeah it is good because it was all positive what I knew.


On his core message that he's delivered to the players and the tone that he's set:

Well the first thing I talk about is what our team is based on and the first thing you talk about with our football team is toughness, but then I told them that this camp is not about toughness. We don't have pads on. Toughness we find out when we get to training camp. This is about mental capacity, effort, being able to take what we teach and put it on the field, and at the same time seeing work ethic without us having to say anything. Who gives that kind of work ethic that you know what you're going to get day in and day out. That's basically what we're looking at.


On how important mini-camp is to push them and get them acquainted with the way the NFL is:

Well you want to push them enough but the good thing about the way the system's set up today as opposed to quite a few years back, they're able to get here a week from Monday and start to condition and work with our guys which will be a great thing for them. Plus they'll be around for OTA's so I don't think that that's the message that you're trying to put out there right now. I think this is really a learning introduction challenging them in certain ways camp. That's what this is about.


On if there's anyone who couldn't be here because of school:

I think we've got everybody here a week from Monday, but don't hold me to that.


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