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Robitaille on Sabres Woes

1:36 AM, Jan 18, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y.-Everyone is wondering what happened to what was supposed to be a great season for the Sabres, including long time Sabres analyst Mike Robitaille. Mike stopped by the WGRZ-TV studios Tuesday evening and discussed what's going on with the Sabres.

The Sabres have lost nine straight road games in regulation, a franchise record as they head into Wednesday night's game against the Blackhawks in Chicago. Mike told Two On Your Side that the Sabres culture has changed with the ownership of Terry Pegula, but the team won't get there unless they get outstanding goaltending. "If you just want to make the playoffs you get average goaltending. That isn't what this organization is about anymore.They're not playing like a Stanley Cup team but I'll guarantee you down the road that's where their mindset is and that's where they want to go. And they will not do it unless they have superior goaltending. He's capable of doing it it just isn't there right now. Will it come back ? I can't answer that ? All I know is that he's not comfortable with it. He's (Ryan Miller) doing the best he can right now and its not good enough." Miller was yanked from Monday's game in Detroit early in the second period after giving up five goals.

Robitaille said making a coaching change and or trading players is risky. "Is a very risky situation when you start pulling people out of your hockey club at this time of the year, whether it be a general manager or a coach. I'll certainly tell you this much Lindy Ruff will never be out of work. I know that much. If anything like that did happen he wouldn't be around here long and he would do very well with any hockey club he's with. It hasn't all been a disaster over the years, there's been a lot of good times but right now I'll tell you what it doesn't feel too good. Its getting ugly so they better to pull some wins off here quickly." 

 Robitaille added "the most important thing they need inside that dressing room right now is hope and find some confidence to come back and do what they have to do. If you haven't got hope, I'll tell you you have no chance."

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