Pegula Can't Discuss NHL Labor Situation

10:41 PM, Sep 10, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y.-With the NHL lockout looming, Sabres owner Terry Pegula was asked by reporters for his thoughts on what almost seems like at best some sort of shortened hockey season.

Pegula said he can't say anything about it but then said he hopes everyone is able to remain positive. Pegula tried to inject some humor into the situation when he was interviewed in downtown Buffalo about the Webster Block Project. He said about the NHL labor situation "I can't tell you anything, just that talks continue. I don't want to lose draft picks."

When pressed further Pegula  added "I don't know if that situation is going to happen. Obviously we'll all want to see some hockey played so let's hope it doesn't happen and be positive on it." Pressed harder by reporters Pegula said simply "I can't talk about it."

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has maintained all along that if no agreement is reached by September 15, this coming Saturday, the owners will lock the players out. At the direction of the commissioner NHL owners are not allowed to discuss a potential lockout.

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