Gailey's Work Atmosphere

4:17 PM, Mar 31, 2010   |    comments
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ORCHARD PARK ( - It's very early in Chan Gailey's tenure as head coach of the Bills, but it's not taking players long to figure out that the country club that existed under Dick Jauron is a thing of the past.

Running back Fred Jackson figured that out the second he walked into the weight room to start the offseason conditioning program.

"No TV's... He (Coach Gailey) kind of felt like it was a spa in there. He wants us to go in there and workout and I think that's what they're trying to nail home and I think a lot of guys are buying into that."
Gailey said he's trying to send a very clear message right from the start.

"I think that what we've tried to do is create a work atmosphere. We want to make sure that we understand that when we walk into this facility it's all work. We've got something to accomplish. We have not been where we've needed to be in the last few years and we've got to get back there, and I only know one way to accomplish that, and that's through hard work."

The Bills will of course need to work hard and get plenty of help to ultimately reach that goal.   They need to find the answer at quarterback.   They need help on the offensive line.   They need help on defense and face a challenging conversion from a 4-3 defensive alignment to a 3-4... that will take time.

They also need to stay healthy, and that's a big part of the tone in the weight room that Gailey is trying to set.   The Bills led the league in 2009 placing 20 players on injured reserve.   Gailey brought in two strength and conditioning coaches to try correct that situation.  

Obviously it's way too early to judge whether hiring Gailey was the right move, but I like what he's trying to establish with his team early on.   If the Bills are going to have any success, first and foremost, they've gotta stay on the field.










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