Edwards Leaves with Smile

12:38 AM, Oct 11, 2010   |    comments
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It was about 25-minutes after the Jaguars 36-26 win that I bumped into Trent Edwards in the tunnel between the home and visitor locker rooms.   He was dressed in a suit, saying goodbye to former teammates and Bills employees as he headed for the bus and a charter flight back to his new professional home.

Edwards was cordial but declined our request for an on-camera interview. He had already talked in the Jags locker room earlier and said all he was going to say.

"I'll just say that I did as much as I could within the system to make sure this team came out on top, and we were able to win."

He'd made it clear earlier in the week that he would give the Jags coaches and players whatever info about the Bills on both sides of the ball.   He admitted that even though he didn't play, the victory over the team that just released him was sweet.

"Obviously there's a little more involved here. You know the guys on the other side of the field, you know the organization, and you've been there for a while. It's not necessarily payback, but you may want it a little bit more."

It's ironic that two games after his release, he was back in Ralph Wilson Stadium, and was once again the target of Bills fans... at least for a while.

"They were telling me that I was a waste. There were more than one to say that, but I hope that not everyone feels that way. Once we started winning they started to quiet down a little."

During that interview Jags starting quarterback David Garrard apparently thanked Edwards for "giving him the Buffalo playbook."   Watching the game it was obvious the Bills problems have far more to do with a lack of talent and execution than whatever Edwards could provide the Jags.   But Edwards leaves town knowing he probably had an impact at some level.

The smile on his face told that story.

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